A Comparison of Pediatric and Adult Hospitals


A Comparison of Pediatric and Adult Hospitals

Nursing professional development (NPD) leaders often reach out to the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) to determine appropriate staffing levels for NPD department. One of the most frequent inquiries that ANPD receives is the question, how many NPD practitioners should my organization have? For the first time, we have important findings for children's hospitals. Inquiring minds can refer to the findings from the 2021 ANPD study, Organizational Value of Nursing Professional Development Practice: A Comparison of Pediatric and Adult Hospitals.

Evidence suggests that children's hospitals have significantly more resources, including NPD practitioners, than hospitals that provide care primarily to adults. Read the report to see how your organization compares.

The study addresses:

  • The average number of individual employees and registered nurses (RN) for whom nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners are responsible in children's and adult hospitals
  • Average numbers of NPD practitioners based on hospital size (beds) 
  • NPD staffing levels in adult and pediatric acute care hospitals

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