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NPD Evidence-Based Practice Academy


The purpose of the Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Academy is to enhance the EBP competencies of NPD practitioners to enable them to fulfill their role as champions of scientific inquiry. In addition, completion of the EBP Academy will result in building the skills to mentor other healthcare professionals in the implementation of EBP practices.


The Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Academy is a 12-month mentored program designed to guide the NPD practitioner through conducting an EBP change initiative at their organization or in their practice setting. Curriculum components include creating a PICOT question, gathering and critically appraising the literature, conducting an EBP initiative, implementing an intervention, evaluating the impact, dissemination, and sustainment. The Academy consists of live seminars and asynchronous modules for participants. In addition, participants are matched with a mentor who will be their guide and support them throughout the duration of the academy. Participants submit their work for inclusion in the poster presentation and are given the opportunity to be selected to present a podium presentation at the 2025 ANPD Aspire Convention. The EBP Academy launches its 2024-2025 cohort at the ANPD Aspire Convention April 2024.

2024-2025 EBP Academy

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Candidate Application

The deadline to apply is Friday, February 9, 2024 at 11:59 pm CT.

Target Audience: New or novice to EBP and in the NPD role in any practice setting. NPDs who are responsible for conducting EBP in your role but never had education or professional development in EBP. 

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  • Complete the application
  • Submit CV/resume
  • Submit personal letter of interest through (max 1,250 words) Consider Standard 14. Scholarly Inquiry from the Nursing Professional Development: Scope and Standards of Practice (Harper & Maloney, 2022) in your responses.
    • Address your current or aspiring champion of scientific inquiry role within your organization and/or ANPD (at any level – affiliate, national); describe how you promote EBP within your organization. 
    • How can you further EBP in your organization and nationally?
    • Part of the requirement of the program is an EBP initiative within your organization. Please provide a general description of a potential practice setting EBP initiative that you could implement and how it integrates with your organization's strategic plan.
  • Provide a letter of support from a leader/supervisor that addresses all of the following:
    • Candidate's role and responsibilities within the organization
    • Qualities that make candidate a strong candidate for the NPD EBP Academy
    • Statement of organizational support for the candidate (commitment of leadership to allow candidate to participate)
    • Support for completion of EBP initiative (oversight/mentoring/necessary resources including time)
    • Support for initiative dissemination 
    • Willingness to provide candidate evaluation before and after participation in the NPD EBP Academy

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  • Complete a pre-academy survey: Evidence-Based Practice Beliefs Scale (EBPS)
  • Actively participate in live kickoff and pulse checks
  • Monthly engagement with mentor
  • Adhere to established timelines
  • Complete EBP modules
  • Complete EBP knowledge test
  • Complete EBP deliverables
  • Complete EBP initiative
  • Disseminate findings from initiative via poster presentation at ANPD Aspire Convention 
  • Complete a post-academy survey: Evidence-Based Practice Beliefs Scale (EBPS)
  • Commit to growing to become an EBP advocate 

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  • ANPD members: $1,075
  • Non-members: $1,200

This includes the following:  

  • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Professional Development Course ($350 members, $500 non-members) 
  • Nursing Professional Development: Scope and Standards of Practice (4th ed.) ($40 members, $55 non-members)  
  • Six live webinars as described above ($1,200 value) 
  • Mentoring for the duration of the program to guide you through your EBP initiative with networking opportunities (Priceless!)

Justification Worksheet

Download our justification worksheet and letter template to portray to your supervisor or manager how you and your facility would benefit from your participation in ANPD’s Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Academy.

Continuing Education

Association for Nursing Professional Development is accredited with distinction as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

The asynchronous learning modules required in this program award 13.4 contact hours upon completion. 

Outcome for asynchronous learning: Upon completion of each module, 90% of learners who complete the evaluation will describe at least one way knowledge of the EBP process will impact their ability to implement EBP into their practice.

Outcome-based continuing education will be offered. Outcome measures are defined by specific and measurable variables by which attainment of objectives will be judged. Throughout the program, participants are eligible to meet levels of outcome-based continuing education.

Apply to Be a Candidate

Mentor Application

The deadline to apply is Friday, February 9, 2024 at 11:59pm CT.

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  • Master's prepared
  • Current ANPD member
  • Certified in NPD, NPD-BC, or NPDA-BC®
  • 3-5 years experience in EBP
  • Certification in EBP, EBP-C preferred

Click to view mentor application requirements

  • Submit a personal letter of interest including, but not limited to, the following points:
  1. Attributes the mentor brings to the mentoring relationship 
  2.  Previous mentoring experience 
  3. Commitment and resources to assist the professional development of an EBP Academy mentee
  • Submit resume/CV

Click to view mentor responsibilities

ANPD is in search of experienced, certified NPD practitioners with 3-5 years of experience in evidence-based practice (EBP) to serve as mentors for the 2023-2024 cohort of the Evidence-Based Practice Academy. This crucial role to the academy success allows for mentors to develop novice to EBP NPD practitioners by engaging with them through the webinars, and during monthly meetings. Meeting topics include key concepts from asynchronous modules and progress of project including reviewing deliverables. View the details of the program, role and responsibilities, and recognition for mentors for more information. Application window closes Friday, February 9, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. CT..

Click to view mentor recognition and rewards

  • 2024 & 2025 Aspire Convention registration discount: 15% 
  • Opportunity to participate in a concurrent session about the role of a mentor in the 2025 Aspire Convention 
  • Recognition at 2025 Aspire Convention  
  • Lapel pin 
  • Optional EBP in NPD Course enrollment: 50% discount of $350 – 13.4 contact hours  

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Refund Policy

  • Tuition for the NPD EBP Academy may be refunded until 30 days prior to the start of the EBP Academy Program and will be subject to a $150 processing fee. Refunds are processed by the method in which they were paid.
  • Pursuant to the refund deadline (30 days prior to the start of the program), no refunds will be granted. Individuals who withdraw after the refund deadline may attend the EBP Academy webinars and receive contact hours for the webinars only. No other participation in EBP Academy activities will be permitted.
  • Participants who fail to complete the assignments and expectations of the EBP Academy will be considered to have voluntarily withdrawn. No refund will be granted and participants will only be eligible for continuing education for webinars attended.

Evidence-Based Practice Certification

ANPD and the Ohio State University College of Nursing Helene Fuld Health Trust National Institute for Evidence-based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare collaborated to provide this optional benefit for any participants interested in proceeding to apply to achieve the Evidence-based Practice Certification EBP-C.

Completion of the ANPD EBP Academy fulfills two of the three required components for the EBP-C application. The EBP-C is the ONLY globally recognized certification in the specialty area of evidence-based practice. Click here for more information. View more information about the EBP-C.

Past Participants

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2022-2023 NPD EBP Academy Participants

Deanna Beveridge
Debbie Buchwach
Amy Conover
Casey Davis
Rebecca Garber
Timily Kennedy
Virginia Kuhlman
Melanie Marco
Casey O'Brien Benedetto
Carin Resseguie
Megan Suszek
Mindy Tindle
Janelle Wozniak

2021-2022 NPD EBP Academy Participants

Ghina Al Arab
Arlienita Beraya
Misty Burgett
Rebecca Clark
Rosa Costa
Chelsea Fassett
Danielle Glogovsky
Dawn Johnson
Casey Landsberg
Marina Martinez
Tracy Mrochek
Amy Patterson
Meghan Perrotta
Amy Rowland
Beth Stuckey
Kathy Thompson
Florence Vanek
Ellen Winkle

2020-2021 NPD EBP Academy Participants

Kerry Copeland
Taira Garcia
Jodi Guzman
Lauren Huzzy
Michelle Millard
Kelsie Romero
Adrianne Waters-Fechter
Nicole Wiswesser
Elissa Zorn

2019-2020 NPD EBP Academy Participants

Samantha Barrett
Virginia Beatty
Jacqueline Clemens
Emily DeMarco
Hazel Ferguson
Kimberlee Foster
Jennifer Gromko
Lynn Hardy
Anna Herbst
Carol Hunt
Andrea Lee-Riggins
Samantha Barrett
Michelle Livingston
Madeleine Ly
Alexandra Morrison
Diane Murphy
Bridget Nuxoll
Kathryn Robinson
Carol Swamidoss Douglas
Gina Tocio
Jennifer Truax
Beth Wentland
Cameron Wilson