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Becoming an affiliate is easy! ANPD charges no initial fee to join and no monthly fees for affiliates. All that is needed is a group of interested individuals, a signed Memorandum, and submission of a current membership list. Find your affiliate group listed by state.

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Affiliates receive reduced rates for hosting Nursing Professional Development Certification Preparation Courses, have access to networking opportunities through the Affiliate Networking Session at the ANPD Aspire Convention and can broadcast recorded ANPD webinars at no cost during affiliate meetings.

ANPD Affiliates are welcome to advertise upcoming events on our Events Calendar. Please reach out to with the name, time, location of your event, and necessary registration information.

No affiliate in your area?

Rally your NPD colleagues to form an affiliate in your neck of the woods. Please send the completed MOU form and membership list to


Frequently Asked Questions

Click each bullet below to view answers to affiliate FAQs.

Getting Started

Forming an affiliate:

To form an affiliate, recruit a group of interested individuals, complete a Memo Of Understanding (MOU) form and submit a current membership list to ANPD. ANPD charges no initial fee to join and no monthly fees to become an affiliate.

An affiliate can be formed at any time. Every year in February, affiliates are asked to submit a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to ANPD. 

ANPD does not give out lists of its members to any business or organization. Member lists are available for purchase but those lists do not include email addresses, only mailing addresses. Alternative ideas to finding local ANPD members to connect with may include but are not limited to: 

  • ANPD LinkedIn page
  • ANPD Facebook page
  • Contact an Existing affiliate (listing available at  
  • Post on the Discussion Forum on the ANPD Website.

No, ANPD does not require its affiliates to submit bylaws. Your affiliate bylaws (if you have them) are completely separate from ANPD bylaws and up to your affiliate to manage. While it is a good idea to create bylaws, ANPD does not require that you have them.

By-Laws are not required by ANPD. By-laws in general contain:

  • Name of the Affiliate
  • Statement of purpose
  • Membership information: open membership, if there are dues, what happens if the affiliate terminates operation
  • Elected Officials- officers and their duties and terms, how nominated and voted
  • Meetings- regular meetings, elected official’s meetings
  • Task Forces and committees
  • Parliamentary authority- if you follow any rules of order during business
  • Amendments- how you make changes to your bylaws


ANPD has chosen to not have an official chapter structure in order to alleviate the burdensome requirements of incorporation and paperwork for our affiliates.

Chapters require you to incorporate at the state level. Chapters would be required to have a federal tax ID number and complete state and federal tax returns. Chapters would be required to have a formal governance structure with nominations/elections on a pre-determined basis. Additional requirements such as educational programming, banking, and membership recruitment may also be requested. Incorporation requires upfront fees and ongoing fees for renewal. Chapters would also be required to complete tax returns every year.

The ANPD Affiliate model does not impose the mandated reporting or governance structure. We encourage members to meet on a regular basis and share topics of NPD interest with each other.  

ANPD does not impose any educational activity requirements for our affiliates. If an affiliate chooses to conduct a program where they charge a fee - they may want to consider incorporation to protect the individual liability of those members who have hosted the event.

If your affiliate meets on a regular basis, provides limited educational programming and social activities with little or no fees involved, you can carry out the activities of your affiliate with flexibility and limited or no organizational governance requirements.

Meeting Structure and Membership:

Most affiliate meetings are structured similar to the below format:

  1. Minutes approval
  2. Old Business
  3. New business
  4. Best Practice discussion- determined by group
  5. CNE topic- determined by group
  6. ANPD updates- upcoming webinars, webpage info, convention info, elections, opportunities

There are a number of options that can be considered.  Sometimes hosting organizations have their own webinar or GoToMeeting services that can be utilized. If that is not an option, there are a number of free or low fee options widely available such as Skype, Zoom, Lync, of a free conference call service such as

  • Hold Web-based Meetings
  • Include NPDs from different organizations in your meetings (more than one healthcare organization or facility)
  • Have a pre-identified meeting theme or topic for discussion each meeting
  • Post the calendar with meeting topics or presentations on the affiliate webpage
  • Annual Membership drives/prizes
  • Hold an affiliate conference or organize through the ANPD Convention.
  • Make sure to include something Fun!!
  • Offer NPD contact hours at the meetings
  • Offer points for attendance, being an ANPD member, or bringing in new members. Use points for things such as convention scholarships and prize drawings- if you have a treasury.
  • Sponsor (of partially sponsor) affiliate members to attend annual conference
  • Create affiliate business cards with contact information for potential members
  • Create an email account for the affiliate strictly for member communication
  • Affiliate gift baskets for local and regional conferences or organizational events (Nurses week or ANPD week) include business cards and flyer with dates/times/location of meetings.
  • Survey affiliate members on their specific needs and work on those specific areas.
  • Ask related skill experts to present at affiliate meetings
  • Add to website
  • Use Facebook / LinkedIn pages to increase membership and awareness
  • Don’t forget NPD Practitioners from long term care, skilled nursing facilities, home care, ambulatory, hospice, and schools of nursing in your invites.


As an ANPD affiliate, your group is listed on the ANPD affiliate page of the ANPD website.

In addition, affiliates receive reduced rates for hosting Nursing Professional Development Certification Preparation Courses and networking opportunities through the Affiliate Networking Session at the ANPD Annual Convention.

Yes, there is a Clinical Education Matrix available at under Resources for NPD Practioners.

Relationship with ANPD

Yes, within limitations. You may advertise your affiliate name and list it as an ANPD affiliate. You may not use the ANPD logo in advertising for conferences that your affiliate is hosting or appearing that ANPD is sponsoring.

Posting of your educational events can be done at no cost; we encourage you to keep the information up to date. Job postings do have a fee associated.

For Affiliates formed before 2011...

Whether or not to change your name is entirely up to your affiliate. If you do change your name and you have already submitted your affiliate MOU, please let us know so we can update your information for our records and on the webpage.

If your group would like to be an ANPD affiliate, your organization’s current president must complete and sign the new Affiliate Memo of Understanding. All affiliates wishing to become ANPD affiliates will have to complete this process: no former chapters or affiliates were “grandfathered” in the ANPD Affiliate program.

ANPD and your affiliate have not financial responsibilities to each other. If your organization were to dissolve, it would be entirely up to the affiliate leaders as to determine the best use for any remaining funds.