Connect with NPD Practitioners in Your Area

Becoming an affiliate is easy! ANPD charges no initial fee to join and no monthly fees for affiliates. All that is needed is a group of interested individuals, a signed Memorandum, and submission of a current membership list. Find your affiliate group listed by state.

Find Your Local Affiliate

Affiliates receive reduced rates for hosting Nursing Professional Development Certification Preparation Courses, have access to networking opportunities through the Affiliate Networking Session at the ANPD Aspire Convention and can broadcast recorded ANPD webinars at no cost during affiliate meetings.

ANPD Affiliates are welcome to advertise upcoming events on our Events Calendar. Please reach out to with the name, time, location of your event, and necessary registration information.

No affiliate in your area?

Rally your NPD colleagues to form an affiliate in your neck of the woods. Please send the completed MOU form and membership list to