NPD Leadership Academy

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Nursing Professional Development Leadership Academy


The purpose of the NPD Leadership Academy is to facilitate succession planning by preparing NPD practicioners to assume leadership roles in NPD in a variety of settings. 


The NPD Leadership Academy is a 12-month mentored program based on the content of Leadership in Nursing Professional Development: An Organization and System Focus, (2nd ed.). (Harper, 2022). The Academy consists of a live face-to-face pre-convention workshop followed by live seminars throughout the year for each section of the text. Participants complete relevant, asynchronous assignments between seminars. In addition, a practice-based leadership project is completed over the course of the year. Participants share their initiative outcomes at the ANPD Aspire Convention.

Applications for the 2024-2025 Leadership Academy cohort will open in fall 2024. Check back here for more information.

Past Participants

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2023-2024 NPD Leadership Academy Participants

Roberta Bell
Rachel Braasch
Reba Childress
Percy Ittickathra
Diana Kott
Laura Lang
Lindsey Lynd
Grace Magaling
Mandi Mernin
Sarah Meyer
Loretta Mosher
Margo Preston-Scott
Lynette Ramos
Trina Rayle
Tracy Schletzbaum
Katie Schulz
Kimberly Smith
Amy Stang
Christina Wilbur

2022-2023 NPD Leadership Academy Participants

Amy Bickett
Megan Duffy
Tina Foreman
Debra Gillis
Joseph Greene
Karen James
Andrea Leszko
Meredith McGuffey
Susan Sorto
Felisha Turner
Mandy Walter

2021-2022 NPD Leadership Academy Participants

Hillary Brown
Rubie Rose Costales
Stephaney Gordon-Cowan
Ashley Jones
Sabrina McKinney
Kelly Paddock
Jessica Reed
Staci Shanks
Jody Shiveley
Katie Steidle

2020-2021 NPD Leadership Academy Participants

Katherine A'Hearn
Melissa Dibble
Nicole Dickey
R. Denise Filiatrault
Claire Gonder
Angela Green-Jones
Molly Heenan
Katrina Kelley
Gisso Oreo
Marlene Porter
Kristina Rivera
Rhonda Rychlik
Julianne Taylor
Casey Templin
Jennifer Yaden


2019-2020 NPD Leadership Academy Participants

Jean Carraher
Sheryl Feeney
Sherri Ferry
Teresa Glandorf
Fallon Hughes
Tabitha Kinlaw
Cheryl Marchal
Nancy McCorkle
Dawn Vollers

2018-2019 NPD Leadership Academy Participants

Linda Bub
Michele Burdette-Taylor
Pam DeGeorge
Kathy DuBois
Diane Gengo
Jenny Harshman
Lisa Hollingshead
Rachel Kelter
Susan Martin
Jennifer Mattei
Rhonda Neuhaus
Jessica Phillips
Melanie Rainford
Erin Robson
Mary Spelis
Valerie Ventura
Michele Wallace