Certification Preparation Course

Professional Development

Nursing Professional Development Certification Course

Joint provide an NPD Certification Preparation Course, provided by ANPD! The course can be offered in person or online. The curriculum offers 16 contact hours and includes extensive content on education, leadership, ethical and legal considerations, practice and performance improvement, technology, project and program management, and test-taking skills, including a pre/post-test for additional contact hours. The course is a great introduction to nursing professional development and is taught by experts in the specialty.

Submit a Joint Provider Application

Type Fees
Affiliates $6,000
Non-affiliates $6,500
Instructor Request Additional $1,000

Joint-Provider Responsibilities

  • Payment of joint-provider fee
  • Arrange for a facility in which to hold the two-day course
  • Determine registration fees
  • Develop a promotion flyer and submit to ANPD for approval (template provided)
  • Distribute promotional flyer after ANPD approval
  • Arrange food and beverage (optional)
  • Manage all aspects of attendee registration
  • Collaborate with ANPD faculty to arrange lodging and local transportation
  • Duplicate and distribute course materials to participants upon receipt of master files from the ANPD National Office
  • Coordinate the course on-site including daily sign-in
  • Direct participants to evaluation survey link
  • Submit the participant sign-in sheet with participant names and email addresses to ANPD within 3 days following the course

ANPD Responsibilities

  • Determination of the educational content
  • Selection and coordination of the faculty schedule and payment, including faculty travel/hotel and expenses
  • Provide master handout materials for duplication
  • Award contact hours
  • Record keeping
  • Evaluation of each course
  • Management of sponsorship or commercial support
  • Post the course dates on the ANPD website on the ANPD event calendar
  • Promote course via email to ANPD members in the region

*note all types of cert prep should be represented on this landing page

Please note that the exam is administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).