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Joint-Provide an ANPD Certification Preparation Course

The Nursing Professional Development Certification Preparation Course is a two-day course designed to prepare nurses to take the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) generalist certification examination in nursing professional development. The course is also a great introduction to the staff development curriculum. It includes the following topics: Education, Leadership, Communication, Ethical/Legal, Practice & Process Improvement, Technology, and Program & Project Management. In addition, all participants have the opportunity to take a pre-test and post-test at no extra charge.

Joint-provider responsibilities:

  • Payment of joint-provider feed fee of $6,500* if a non-affiliate, and $6,000* if an affiliate
    (*an additional charge of $1,00 will be applied if the joint-provider makes a special request for a specific faculty member who is not the closest instructor geographically)
  • Arrange for a facility in which to hold the two-day program, including AV (screen and projector)
  • Determine registration fees
  • Develop a promotion flyer and submit to ANPD for approval (template provided)
  • Distribute promotional flyer after ANPD approval
  • Arrange food and beverage (optional)
  • Manage all aspects of attendee registration
  • Collaborate with ANPD faculty to arrange lodging and local transportation
  • Provide copies of the course materials to participants upon receipt of master files from the ANPD National Office
  • On-site coordination for the course including daily sign-in
  • Provide flip chart, markers, and index cards (at least five index cards per participant)
  • Direct participants to evaluation survey link where they will obtain their CNE certificate
  • Communicate pre- and post-test information to participants, and provide names and email addresses of participants to ANPD ten days prior to the course so participants can be enrolled in the pre- and post-test
  • Provide the following to ANPD within three days of the course: participants names, email address, mailing address

ANPD responsibilities:

  • Determination of the educational content
  • Selection of the content specialist planner and faculty unless joint provider makes a special request and pays an applicable fee.
  • Selection and coordination of the faculty schedule and payment
  • Provision of master handout materials for duplication
  • Awarding of contact hours
  • Record keeping
  • Evaluation of each course
  • Management of sponsorship or commercial support, if applicable
  • Promotion of the course in every available issue of TrendLines
  • Posting the course dates on the ANPD calendar within the ANPD Website (
  • Promotion of the course in an email to ANPD members in the region

To schedule an ANPD Certification Preparation Review Course, complete the application below. Once the course has been approved, faculty selected, and the joint-provider and ANPD have agreed upon dates, ANPD will send you a contract, joint-provider agreement, and invoice.

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE)

Association for Nursing Professional Development is accredited with distinction as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
16 Contact Hours



List three potential dates in order of preference. The course is held over two consecutive full days. (8AM – 5PM)

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  2. 2.
  3. 3.

ANPD selects instructors according to availability and geographical location. If you would like to request a specific instructor, who is not the closest instructor geographically, an additional charge of $1,000 is incurred to cover additional travel expenses. While ANPD attempts to accommodate preferences, all instructor assignments are at the discretion of ANPD.