On-Demand Education

2024 Virtual Symposium

On-Demand Sessions and Virtual Poster Presentations

In addition to the live event on November 7, the ANPD Virtual Symposium grants you access to several on-demand, pre-recorded sessions and virtual poster presentations that you can view at your convenience. Registration will remain open through December 1 and all attendees will have until December 6 to access the platform. Participants must complete evaluations by December 31, 2023 to earn contact hours. Sessions, posters and speaker details are subject to change.

On-Demand Sessions

Creating Healthy Work Environments and Improving Nurse Retention

Marian Altman, PhD, RN, CNS-BC, CCRN-K

Nurse turnover rates are skyrocketing.  A healthy work environment is linked to less burnout, job dissatisfaction, and intent to leave. The purpose of this session is to share insights, knowledge and tools to support change projects that promote healthier workplaces to improve nurse retention. 

Contact Hours: 0.75

Empowering Staff to Lead: Developing a Charge Nurse Fellowship Program

Kimberly Ramos, MSN-Ed, RN, MEDSURG-BC, NPD-BC
Adriana Rumoro, MEd, BSN, RN, NPD-BC, LSSGB

Frontline nurse leaders are pivotal to patient outcomes while supporting colleagues and managing to day-to-day operations. Learn how two nursing professional development specialists created a six-month fellowship program for charge nurses focused on wellbeing and advanced leadership training to meet the challenges of the evolving and complex healthcare environment.

Contact Hours: 0.75

We Need Orientation Too! Redesigning NPD Practitioner Orientation

Tracy Langston, MSN, RN, NPD-BC
Renee Cherry, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, CCRN-K

Experience what it takes to redesign a comprehensive NPD Practitioner orientation program aligning with the NPD Scope and Standards of Practice. Navigate the process of implementation highlighting the redesign process, recruitment strategies, engagement, and retention. Evaluate the impact of integrating an immersive mentored gap analysis project to achieve unit and organizational outcomes.

Contact Hours: 0.75

Tangible Solutions to Overcome Residency Project Challenges

Jessica Grote, DNP, RN, NPD-BC
Nicole Weathers, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

In this presentation learners will explore common challenges faced when integrating project-based learning into nurse residency programs and tangible solutions to enhance project completion while meeting the needs of modern learners.

Contact Hours: 0.75

Journey Through Nursing Professional Development. Destination: Advancing Practice Levels

Latoshia Gilbert, MSN, RN, NPD-BC
Cheryl Rockwell, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, CCRN-K
Amanda Weaver, MSN, BA, RN, NPD-BC

Embark with us on our journey to implement an NPD Senior Specialist role to meet the needs of a growing healthcare system. Discover how these new nursing professional development specialist roles were created and how their work impacts a large multi-site organization.

Contact Hours: 0.75

Home Healthcare Nursing Transition-to-Practice Program Evaluation

Susan Keim, PhD, MSN, MS, CRNP
Jill Rachild, MSN, RN
Lindsay Bowler, MSN, RN, NEA-BC

Transition to practice programs are often thought of exclusively as programs for new graduate nurses in acute care environments.  Learn about one team's implementation and evaluation of a novel transition-to-nursing practice program in a nonprofit home healthcare agency within a large medical academic center. Highlights will include necessary resources, curricular design, and outcome metrics including program satisfaction, job satisfaction, and retention.

Contact Hours: 0.75

Journal for Nursing Professional Development: Overview & Impact

Kathleen G. Burke, PhD, RN, NPD-BC, CENP, FAAN

Learn about the wealth of resources found in the Journal for Nurses in Professional Development.

Contact Hours: 0.25

Pharmacy-Nursing Collaborative Care Model in Academic & Non-Academic Community Hospitals

Deborah Goodlet, MSN, RN
Kellee Brown, PharmD, BCPS
Lisa Boothby, PharmD, MBA, BCPS

The nursing shortage has changed how we analyze and approach the delivery of health care. Leveraging clinician expertise and top-of-scope practice can positively impact quality outcomes, the patient experience, and nurse satisfaction. Learn how one system developed and implemented a pharmacy-nursing alliance to achieve these outcomes, leveraging interprofessional collaboration to transform how medication-related care is administered in pilot units to maximize efficiency and effectiveness while meeting patient care needs.

Contact Hours: 0.75

Moving from Survival to Revival: Reclaiming Our Edge!

Pam Collins, MSN, CMSRN, NPD-BC

ANPD's 2023 Aspire Convention included this inspiring Game Changer presentation, which provides information and strategies for reentry into the post-COVID environment with contagious excitement, energy, and effectiveness. We will be reminded about who we are, the power in our service, and feel empowered to reclaim our edge!

Contact Hours: 1.0

Star Search

Colleen Grose, MSN, RN, CPN
Catana Philipps, MSN, RN, CEN, TCRN
Sarah Myer, MSN, RN, PHN, NPD-BC
Peta-Kaye Johnson, MSN, RN, CEN

ANPD's Star Search encourages aspiring speakers to compete for an opportunity to present a concurrent session at the next Aspire convention, and an opportunity for novice speakers to develop their presentation skills. This session features the 4 competitors of the 2023 Aspire Convention Star Search as they present on preceptor burnout and overall support, effective preceptor initiatives, learner engagement through gamification, and driving change with simulation.

Contact Hours: 1.0

Measuring NPD Value: Beyond the ROI Calculations

Cathleen Opperman, DNP, RN, NPD-BC, EBP-C, NEA-BC, CPN

We've practiced how to calculate ROI, but NPD practitioners still struggle with transforming their economic impact to clear demonstration of NPD value. This session will discuss: WHO are your stakeholders, HOW do you communicate with them, WHAT is organizational savvy, and WHEN to advocate for NPD practitioner development. By increasing the NPD sphere of influence, the value of NPD becomes more transparent.

Contact Hours: 1.00

The ANPD Preceptor Competency Consensus Study

Mary Harper, PhD, RN, NPDA-BC®
Patsy Maloney, EdD, RN, NPD-BC, NEA-BC
Joan Insalaco Warren, PhD, RN, NPD-BC, NEA-BC, FAAN

Although preceptors are critical to the transition of nursing students and nurses into professional practice, new settings, and new specialties, consensus on the required preceptor competencies was lacking. The national, multi-year, multi-phased ANPD Preceptor Competency Consensus Study addressed this gap. Join us to discover the competencies that should be included in your preceptor development initiatives as well as to learn about the competency consensus process.

Contact Hours: 1.25

Improving Healthcare Outcomes

M. Rebecca O'Connor, PhD, RN
Deborah Stamps, EdD, MBA, MS, RN, GNP, NE-BC, CDE®

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted that the United States fares negatively compared to other countries in healthcare quality, spending, and access. This presentation addresses how biases and health system policies and programs can impact healthcare outcomes. Actionable steps to mitigate the impact of bias on quality care outcomes will be shared.

Contact Hours: 1.0

Virtual Poster Presentations

Contact Hours: 1.0 for viewing all five poster presentations

Mini-Mock Codes: Beginnings Matter

Patricia Rabbett, MSN, RN, CCRN-K
Beth Waters, MSN, RN, CPEN

NPD teams tasked with ensuring the competency of healthcare first responders often leverage the benefit of mock codes in simulated events. This presentation describes the use of mock codes and debriefing in the clinical environment of practice to assess, and ultimately, improve performance during this high-risk, low-volume event.

Beyond the Poster: Still Achieving Promotion through Mentorship!

Emmika Elkin, MSN, RN, OCN, NPDA-BC

Join us for an insightful session as we discuss the latest updates in the work completed toward utilizing the NPD role to support clinical ladder promotions. Whether you're a seasoned NPD or a budding talent, this presentation is designed to empower you to support your nursing colleagues at both the frontline- and systems-level. 

Keeping the Magic Alive: After ANPD Convention


Leveraging new knowledge to inspire creative ideas is essential to nursing professional development practice. Learn how one organization made strides to “keep the magic alive” after the ANPD Aspire Convention by strategizing planned communication and new project support to promote NPD engagement and demonstration of value.

DNP Clinical Project Management: Evolving Academic/Healthcare Organization Partnerships

April Prunty, PhD, RN, NPD-BC
Maggie Hall, DNP, RN, PHN
Stephanie Edmonds, PhD, MPH, RN

Thoughtful collaboration in academic-clinical partnerships provides tremendous opportunity to support the professional growth of nurses. This presentation shares the twists and turns of one such partnership’s management of DNP Clinical Projects, and how their journey has generated success through thoughtful collaboration, process improvement, and stakeholder engagement.

Creating a High-Quality Patient Care Technician Program

Angela Jordan, MSN, RN, CRRN
Kim Farmer, BSN, RN, CRRN

Learn how one rehabilitation hospital developed a comprehensive Patient Care Technician (PCT) program tailored to meet the escalating demand for bedside unlicensed assistive personnel. Didactic learning and hands-on skills development followed by a mentored extended clinical unit orientation period bolstered the competence and confidence of healthcare professionals in this challenging setting.

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