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How to Join

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Follow these instructions to join as a new member.

  1. First, click the Join ANPD button above.
  2. A new browser tab will open and ask for you to Join ANPD. Proceed to enter the username, email and password you would like to use for your account and click Join ANPD.
  3.  After you enter your information you will be sent a verification code to confirm your account via email. The email will be delivered from Check your spam or junk mail for delivery.
  4.  Once you receive and enter your verification code, you can proceed to provide account details.
  5.  Follow the prompts to purchase membership/partnership and proceed to check out. You may provide payment by credit card or select pay later option to pay by check. If you elect to pay by check, you will not receive full benefits until your membership/partnership is approved.
  6.  Any questions? Contact us at

Membership Types

Regular: $150

This membership is for RNs who are interested or involved in nursing professional development. Regular members are granted full access to the members-only areas of the website. The annual dues are $150.

Professional Development (PD) Associate: $135

RNs are not eligible for PD Associate membership.

This membership is for "those individuals who are not RNs but do contribute to the overall functioning of a continuing education/professional development department in a substantive, measurable way." Examples include, but are not limited to: NPD support personnel, simulation coordinators, continuing education coordinators, BLS educators and coordinators, and health care educators.

PD Associate members are granted full access to the members-only areas of the website but do not have access to the Journal for Nurses in Professional Development. The annual dues are $135, $15 off the regular membership price of $150.

Retired: $120

This membership is for retired RNs age 65 or older who are interested or involved in nursing professional development. The annual dues are $120. Retired members are granted full access to the members-only area of the website.

Healthcare Systems and Institutions

Group rate for healthcare systems and institutions, including, but not limited to, schools and academic settings, ambulatory care, long-term care, rehabilitation care, outpatient settings, ANPD Affiliates, and nursing associations. State, federal, and military groups are eligible for these rates. PD Associates and students are not eligible for these rates.

  • 3-5 Members – $405
  • 6-10 members – $798
  • 11-15 members – $1,330
  • 16-20 members – $2,064
  • 21-25 members – $2,540
  • 26-30 members – $3,250
  • 31-35 members – $3,813
  • 36-40 members – $4,356
  • 41-45 members – $4,879
  • 46-50 members – $5,382

Healthcare System and Institution FAQ

How do I create a Healthcare System or Institution membership?

  • If you are a new member, you should follow the steps to submit a membership application.
  • If you are an existing member, please contact to set up your Healthcare System or Institution account. You will need to provide the name of the organization and the person you would like as your primary contact. The primary contact must have an account with ANPD. The primary contact will count towards a membership slot as part of your institution membership.

Does my organization qualify for a Healthcare System or Institution membership?

  • Ambulatory care, long-term care, rehabilitation care, and outpatient settings, as well as state, federal, ANPD affiliates, nursing associations, academic settings, and military groups are eligible for these rates.
  • PD Associates and students are not eligible for these rates.

What are the benefits to a Healthcare System or Institution membership?

  • As you can see from our membership page here, there are several different tiers of pricing that provide your organization with membership discounts when you join as a group.
  • Add individuals to your organization’s account so you can have access to a group memberships rate.
  • Manage staff and employee memberships all under one account. You can keep track of your individuals’ memberships and no longer need to go through the headache of receiving an invoice then reimbursing those who are in your organization for their memberships.
  • You can make bulk purchases and no longer need us to create an invoice for your organization to pay.
  • Register as a group to receive group discount rates on courses and events (if applicable).
  • Keep track of your organization’s webinars and courses.

How do I add individuals once the account is created?

  • When you login, you will be prompted to select either your individual account or the organization account. From the organization account, using the top right icon navigator, there’s a “Manage Org Contacts” button. On that page, you can use the little plus icon to add new individuals as organization contacts.
  • You will need to make sure when adding individuals that their information matches their current individual account.

What is the difference between Primary Contact and Organization Contact?

  • The primary contact is the only person who can login under the organization account. There can only be one primary contact. The primary contact can add individuals, create/renew memberships, purchase bulk orders, etc. The primary contact is the one who will manage the account and receive annual renewal notices.
  • The organization contact is linked to the organization but does not have the option to login under the organization account. They are unable to manage the account.

If I am a part of a Healthcare System or Institution account, do I still need to have my own individual account?

Yes, the organization account will need to link to your individual account, which will give you access to webinars and courses in the Professional Development Center.

After a bulk purchase has been made, do the courses or webinars automatically appear in the individuals' Professional Development Center?

  • No, it does not automatically link to the individuals’ Professional Development Center. You will need to email a list of the names and email addresses of those you would like the course to be attached to.
  • Please include the organization name so we can confirm the payment was made for the course and we can assign the courses accordingly.

How do I access our invoices on the organization account?

  • To access invoices, there’s a separate area under the top right menu for membership when in the Organization profile. This will allow you to create your own invoices and make a payment on an open invoice.
  • To make a payment on an open invoice, click on the circular profile icon, select “my profile” and you can access past and current orders under “my account”.

What happens to the membership if an individual leaves?

  • All individual membership slots belong to the organization. Therefore, if an individual leaves, you can at any time replace the space with a different individual.
  • The individual will need to join or renew as an individual in order to main their own membership.

Who is notified when the membership needs to be renewed?

The primary contact will be notified when your organization needs to renew their memberships. The primary contact is the only one who can renew the membership as they are the only one who can login to the organization account.

Existing members should contact to set up their account. New members should submit an application using the Join button above.

When completing the membership application, please note that you will need to appoint a primary contact to manage the system membership. This primary contact will count towards a membership slot.

Military: $125

New active military members and ANPD VA Affiliate members pay only $125 for a 1-year membership; a savings of $25 off the regular individual membership price of $150 Proof of active military status or affiliate membership must be submitted with application.