2025 Aspire Convention

Sponsorship Opportunities

2024 Aspire Convention |  April 9-12, 2024 |  Chicago, IL

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Premier Sponsor Opportunities

Drive value for your business and reach nursing professional development practitioners year-round through the ANPD Premier Sponsor program. Offering a wide range of exclusive benefits and opportunities, the Premier Sponsor program provides continuous ROI.

Three levels of the Premier Sponsor program are available to fit your organization's needs: Platinum, Gold or Silver. Each level includes a set of base benefits, reflected in the table below. ANPD Aspire Convention booth space is not included as part of the Premier Sponsor program and must be contracted separately.

  • Choose your sponsorship level and automatically receive the set of base benefits associated with that level.
  • Premier Sponsors have access to exclusive sponsorship opportunities before, during, and after convention.

Sponsored Experiences

Sunrise Seminar

$7,000 | 4 Available

Educate Convention attendees on your company's current product(s) and/or service(s) when you sponsor a 60-minute educational breakfast seminar. Sponsor will be notified with room capacity prior to contracting. Sponsor is responsible for ordering breakfast for all seminar attendees. 

Lunch Seminar

$7,500 | 4 Available

Educate Convention attendees on your company's current product(s) and/or service(s) when you sponsor a 60-minute educational lunch. Sponsor will be notified with room capacity prior to contracting. Sponsor is responsible for ordering lunch for all seminar attendees. This will be the only lunch option available to attendees during the convention.

Bingo Singo Sponsorship

$8,900 | EXCLUSIVE

Join the fun at ANPD’s Networking Event, Bingo Singo – an exciting musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Sponsor receives the opportunity to place collateral on tables, logo on the Singo cards, provide one (1) drink ticket for attendees, an opportunity to speak before the game begins and can DJ/MC the event, if interested.

Headshot Booth Photo Studio

Contact for Pricing | EXCLUSIVE

Located in the Partner Pavilion, the free headshot booth is an attendee hit! Sponsor receives branding on signage, headshot booth placed near their booth on the exhibit hall floor, and a mobile app push notification to notify attendees. Photographer is provided by ANPD.

Attendee Networking Reception

$7,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Welcome our ANPD Convention attendees by sponsoring a special networking reception. Sponsor receives branding on signage and verbal recognition, as well as a 5-min speaking slot.

Partner Pavilion Grand Opening Bar Cart

$4,500 | 2 Available

Be a great host! A beer and wine bar will be placed near your booth during the Partner Pavilion's Grand Opening. Sponsor will receive recognition on signage and cocktail napkins. 

Partner Pavilion Grand Opening Specialty Cocktail

$6,000 | EXCLUSIVE

Be the life of the party at the Partner Pavilion Grand Opening with a specialty cocktail bar placed near your booth. Sponsor will receive recognition on signage and cocktail napkins. 

Partner Pavilion Grand Opening Raffle

$1,000 | EXCLUSIVE

During the Partner Pavilion Grand Opening, attendees who visit your booth will have a chance to win a $500 gift card. ANPD will provide the prize and attendees must be present to win.

Paper Airplane Folding Station

$2,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Excite attendees for the 2024 Convention by hosting a paper airplane folding station inside or near your booth. Sponsor receives branding on signage, opportunity to co-brand the paper used for folding, and a mobile app push notification to notify attendees.

Puppy Lounge

$5,000 | EXCLUSIVE

Bring attendees a dose of serotonin by sponsoring the Puppy Lounge in the Partner Pavilion. Sponsor receives branding on signage, opportunity to place collateral and co-brand the dedicated space or designate a company representative for the Lounge. Puppy Lounge will be placed next to sponsor’s booth.

Booth Snack Station

$6,500 | 1 Available/Day

Offer a tasty snack or beverage during the Partner Pavilion hours. ANPD required approval of all food or beverage items selected and required that all sponsored provide at least 150 servings of the chosen item. Please note, sponsorship only allows for non-alcoholic beverage items.

Garrett's Popcorn Booth Snack Station

$6,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Offer the Chicago classic Garrett's Popcorn for attendees during Wednesday or Thursday's Partner Pavilion. ANPD required that all sponsored provide at least 150 servings of popcorn.

Cold Brew Break

$5,500 | 2 Available (Wednesday and Thursday)

Refresh and reenergize attendees with a cold brew coffee bar placed near or in your booth in the exhibit hall for one day. Sponsor has the opportunity to brand the coffee cups so attendees can sport your logo all day.

Coffee Break Package

$5,500 | 1 Available/Day

Connect and reenergize attendees! Sponsor a coffee break bar to be placed near your booth in the exhibit hall for one day. Your company logo will be included on the coffee sleeves so ANPD attendees can sport your logo on their coffee cups all day.

Hydration Station

$3,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Chat with attendees while they refill their water bottles at the hydration station located at your booth.

Morning Wellness Activity

$3,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Offer an opportunity for attendees to start their day with healthy movement. Sponsor receives recognition on signage and in marketing materials, the option to provide collateral or branded swag at the event, the option to introduce the wellness instructor.

Passport to Prizes

$1,000 | 15 Available

Drive traffic to your booth and generate company recognition with the Passport to Prizes program. ANPD Aspire Convention attendees receive a “passport” game card listing all participating companies in their registration bag. Each sponsor is responsible for purchasing their own giveaway prize with a minimum value of $100 and bringing it to the ANPD Aspire Convention. Attendee must be present at the time of drawing with prize.

Awards Ceremony

$2,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Honor the 2023 ANPD award winners by sponsoring the highly anticipated Awards Ceremony! Sponsorship includes your company's logo on the conference website and on signage, as well as acknowledgment in the mobile app and by ANPD’s President from the mainstage.

Sponsored Collateral

Escalator Clings

$6,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Gain brand visibility by sponsoring our conference escalators! This includes 2 outside runners plus 1 middle escalator located right outside of the ANPD Exhibit Hall.


$5,000 | EXCLUSIVE

Gain extra visibility for your company by sponsoring badge lanyards with your logo (1logo; 1 color). Attendees wear this lanyard throughout the duration of Convention.

Branded Water Bottles

$4,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Provide attendees with a water bottle branded with your company's logo that will be in every attendee registration bag!

Branded Registration Bag

$4,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Distributed at the registration desk, the very popular registration bag is used to carry literature and giveaways every day of Convention. Purchasing this sponsorship entitles you to add your company logo (1 logo; 1 color) to this prominent piece that is sure to be used during and after the Convention.

ANPD Conference Newsletter

$3,000 | EXCLUSIVE

Sponsor the official conference newsletter available to all attendees that includes educational articles for attendees to earn additional CE. Sponsor receives banner ad running along the outside front cover & a 2-page spread advertisement on pages 1-2 of the newsletter.

Pre-Conference Paper Mailer

$2,500 | EXCLUSIVE

Get your message out on ANPD's Pre-Conference Mailer! Sponsors may place company logo on the prominent piece sent out before the Convention.

Registration Bag Insert

$800 | 8 Available

Market your booth or other exciting news from your company to all attendees with an insert in the ANPD registration bags. Sponsors may place one (1) item in the registration bag for maximum exposure. Sponsor must design and print inserts, pending ANPD approval.

Material Distribution

$350 | 5 Available

Place collateral on display next to the registration desk for attendees to see what's new at your company. Sponsor must design and print materials, pending ANPD approval of content.

Sponsored Digital Advertising

ANPD Homepage Banner Ad

$5,000 | EXCLUSIVE

This ad is placed 2/3 down our website homepage. Ads will run for 6 months (Jan.-June or July-Dec.). Inquire for image requirements and availability.

Aspire Convention App Sponsor

$4,000 | EXCLUSIVE

Be the official ANPD Aspire Convention Mobile App sponsor! You will be recognized with premier logo placement on the platform homepage along with logo recognizing marketing materials.

Registration Sponsor

$3,000 | EXCLUSIVE

Be the official sponsor of 2024 Aspire Convention Registration. Sponsor receives logo recognition on registration platform, registration confirmation email, and on the top of the registration form.

Aspire Convention Landing Page Banner Ad

$3,000 | EXCLUSIVE

Establish your organization as a leading sponsor on our Conference website. Ad runs date of application - July 2024.

Pre-Convention eBlast

$1,750 | 6 Available

Speak directly to attendees with a dedicated email blast that ANPD will send to convention attendees on your behalf. HTML must be designed by your team and content is subject to approval by ANPD. E-mails are limited to one per month and reserved on a first come, first served basis. HTML and a subject line must be received by ANPD one week prior to the send date and include ANPD's sponsored message disclaimer.

Mobile App Push Notifications

$500 | 12 Available

Reach all attendees with a direct notification to their mobile device! Content subject to ANPD approval.

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