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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join ANPD?

How do I sign-up for membership?

How do I use this site?

Who do I contact with additional questions?

Why join ANPD?

By becoming a member of ANPD, you will have access to new networking and educational activities that are sure to enhance your career. You will also gain access to the members-only sections of the ANPD website as well as member discounts on the Annual Convention, publications, and educational resources. For more information, visit the Membership Information page.

How do I sign-up for membership?

Signing up is easy. You can apply online through our website to gain immediate access, or through our mail-in application.

How do I use this site?

Member profiles

Member profiles are the foundation of our networking and interaction capability. A well-crafted profile shows your peers your experience and your commitment to the profession through your involvement in ANPD. Only members and administrators of ANPD have profiles. Guests and lapsed members are not eligible to post member profiles.

Through your profile, you can:

  • Maintain personal and professional information
  • Provide extended biographical information
  • Manage your external social/professional networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter)
  • Select what profile fields are visible to other members and the public
  • Maintain categorized colleague connection lists
  • Use name formats for "company name" or nick/screen name
  • Manage your personal preferences and alerts

You have control over how much information to make available to others and how much you would like to be contacted. However, you create greater professional and business development opportunities by your participation in more groups, balanced by your desire for privacy. The links in Manage My Profile are: My Personal Page- how your personal profile appears to registered site users.

  • My Public Profile - how your personal profile appears to unregistered users (your personal blogs and photo albums, if you chose to create them, and the section titled "More Information" are hidden). Edit My Profile - update all parts of your profile and hide certain data fields (e.g., email address, home address, and personal information)
  • My Networks - links to your profiles on other social network sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) , which extends your access to other professionals and lets others access yours (optional)
  • My Event Registrations - list of past and future events for which you have registered
  • My Preferences - this is how you choose to be notified of activities of those with whom you are connected. We suggest that you use these very sparingly, because turning them all on could generate a lot of messages. However, we suggest you turn on "Email me when new messages arrive" and "Email me when someone applies for an opening I have posted" as a minimum My Messages - internal messages received from another member who wants to contact you (number indicates how many were received while you were offline). Click "My Messages" to go to your mailbox and click to go directly to your Inbox
  • My Connections - you may choose to connect to selected members (similar to Facebook) that provide more messaging options (number indicates how many new requests you have received from people who want to connect with you) My
  • Membership Info - indicates your membership type and status of membership. This is where you would renew your membership.
  • Refer a Friend - share with colleagues the opportunity to participate in ANPD professional, network, and business development activities. When you use this function to refer a friend to ANPD and they register through the website as a guest or join ANPD, this is tracked, along with those they refer, to a third level.

How do I add a local affiliate event to the ANPD Community Calendar?

You can add local affiliate events to the ANPD Community Calendar by submitting an ANPD Affiliate Community Calendar Submission Form. Click here to access a copy of the form. Return the form back to us by mail or fax the form back to us at 312-673-6835. Once we receive the form we will place your event in the community calendar. ******All ANPD community calendar postings are subject to approval by ANPD.******    

Professional and Social Networking

ANPD is committed to supporting collaboration, communication and community among our members. The site provided a range of tools to help you know and be known to other members. Most of these capabilities are under your control, and you can turn off those you do not want to participate in. These items include:

  • Ability to see which fellow members are "Online Now"
  • Chat in real-time with other online members
  • Share external social/professional networking profiles
  • Manage your connections to other members
  • Email members and connections from the site
  • Create and manage message center folders
  • Manage received messages and attachments
  • Engage others via Tell-a-Friend system
  • Control these features through the My Preferences link in the Manage my Membership menu.


Who do I contact with additional questions?

The ANPD staff is always here to help! Please let us know if you have questions by emailing or if you have a question that is specific to a certain area, visit the Contact Us page to contact a staff member directly.

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