The Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center allows ANPD members to complete continuing nursing education activities and maintain personal files of activities completed. Please watch this short video for an overview of the Professional Development Center. Review the FAQ sheet for additional information.

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Browsers that support The Professional Development Center 

  • Internet Explorer:  supported on IE 7 and up (although, please note that Microsoft has itself warned against versions older than IE 8.0)
  • Mozilla Firefox:  most recent 2 public versions
  • Google Chrome and Safari:  most recent 2 public versions

Operating Systems and Devices that support The Professional Development Center 

  • Windows versions XP and above
  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and above
  • Active support for the 2 most recent public versions of Android and iOS device platforms

Connection Speed

Connection speeds from standard broadband access will obviously improve learning experience within courseware itself.

Plug-Ins, Add-on Components, and Multimedia Support

There are no required downloads for The Professional Development Center; however, courseware and learning material requirements vary and will depend on the content itself and its publisher's requirements. It is our experience that most e-learning courseware typically requires specific plug-ins such as Adobe Flash to view multimedia.

ANPD Privacy Policy

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