Recorded Webinars

2020 ANPD/Sigma Promoting Resilience Recorded Webinar Series: The Power of Song

2020 ANPD/Sigma Promoting Resilience Recorded Webinar Series: Storytelling Rounds

2020 ANPD/Sigma Promoting Resilience Recorded Webinar Series: Mindful Practice

2020 ANPD Recorded Webinar: The Experience-Complexity Gap: A Different-in-kind Nursing Shortage

2020 ANPD Recorded Webinar - From Rough to Polished: Writing a Stellar Abstract

2020 ANPD Recorded Webinar: NPD Transition to Practice - Creating a Community of Collaboration

2020 ANPD Recorded Webinar: Tap in to Technology to Make Education More Accessible - Using Videos and QR Codes

2020 ANPD Recorded Webinar: Optimizing Nursing Staff During a Pandemic

ANPD Recorded Webinar: Advocating for NPD Content in Graduate Nursing Curricula

ANPD Recorded Webinar: Standardizing Nursing Orientation in a Multi-Hospital Health System

ANPD Recorded Webinar: New Graduate Residency Program: Emerging Ambulatory Needs

ANPD Recorded Webinar: Leading through Evidence-Based Practice: 2018 Leadership Academy Projects

ANPD Webinar Recording: Preparing for Educational Emergencies

ANPD Webinar Recording: Interprofessional Practice, Research, and Education

ANPD Recorded Webinar: To Infinity and Beyond: Successful Onboarding of New RN Graduates

ANPD Recorded Webinar: Creating Joy in the Workplace Through Resiliency Building

ANPD Recorded Webinar: Sharing Powerful Personal Experiences through Writing and Storytelling

ANPD Webinar Recording: Addressing the Future of Nursing Recommendations

ANPD Recorded Webinar: Creating a Poster Presentation: Sharing Best Practices in Visual Format

ANPD Webinar Recording: Coaching: The New Skills of Influence