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Best of 2017: Transform: Open Access Publishing: What It Is and Why It Matters to NPD Practitioner

Best of 2017: Transform: Why Advocate for the NPD Specialty? To Transform Healthcare

Best of 2017: Transform: Use Gap Analysis to Transform Education and Demonstrate Value of NPD

Best of 2017: Transform: Your Resources Are Now in Your Pocket: A Guide to Mobile App Development

Best of 2017: Transform: Mentoring and Coaching: Keys to Accelerating and Sustaining Change

Best of 2017: Transform: General Sessions Package

Best of 2019: Lead: Don't Put Yourself Last: Developing NPD Practitioners

Best of 2019: Lead: Transforming Orientation for Nurses: It's Not "Just a Phase"

Best of 2019: Lead: Leading an Innovative Enhancement to Preceptor Role Development

Best of 2019: Lead: Leading Educational Innovation: Team-based Learning

Best of 2019: Lead: Conducting an Integrative Review: Interprofessional Collaboration

Best of 2019: Lead: Floating to the Top: RN Residency Acute Care Float Team

Best of 2019: Lead: Developing a Partnership to Showcase Nursing Professional Development Value through a Visual Dashboard

Best of 2019: Lead: Breaking the Silos: Development of an IPCE Work Team

Best of 2019: Lead: Innovative Activities for the Adult Learner: Transforming Nursing Education

Best of 2019: Lead: A Passport to Transition to Specialty Nurse Residency Programs

Best of 2019: Lead: Beyond Checking the Box: Developing Meaningful Introductory Competencies

Best of 2019: Lead: "Willful Nefarious Undereducation": LGBTQ 101 for NPD Practitioners

Best of 2019: Lead: General Session Package

Best of 2019: Lead: Socializing Millennials in a Baby Boomer World

Best of 2019: Lead: Understanding Scope of Practice: Legal Implications for NPD Practitioners

Best of 2019: Lead: Innovative Educational Strategies: Getting Nurses Out of the Classroom

Best of 2019: Lead: Nurses Take 5: Practicing Mindfulness to Decrease Burnout

Best of 2019: Lead: Ensuring Patient Privacy: Are Your Educational Materials Free from Harm?

Best of 2019: Lead: Aspire to Lead: Developing a Strategic Plan for Competency Management

Best of 2019: Lead: Accelerating Success: Advanced Skills of Influence and Collaboration

Best of 2019: Lead: From Boring to Learning: Engaging Strategies

Best of 2019: Lead: Worker-on-worker Violence

Best of 2019: Lead: The State of Professional Development Research

Best of 2019: Lead: The Elusive Quest for Leadership

Best of 2019: Lead: Picture This! The Vision of an Artist, the Attitude of a Leader

Best of 2019: Lead: Leading the Way Forward: Unlocking Your True Potential

Best of 2016: Inquire: General Sessions Package

Best of 2016: Inquire: Comprehensive Package

Best of 2017: Transform: Role Development Track Bundle

Best of 2015: Excel: Wisdom, Passion, and Transformational Leadership

Best of 2017: Transform: Truths and Myths about Teams: Transforming Our Thinking about Competence

Best of 2017: Transform: Partnering to Determine Scope of Simulation in US Acute Care Hospitals

Best of 2017: Transform: Aspire to Inquire: Launching a Joint Accreditation Application for IPCE

Best of 2017: Transform: Class is Over, Now What? Transform Quality with Microlearning Refreshers

Best of 2017: Transform: Fostering Preceptor Development Through Innovative Teaching Strategies

Best of 2015: Excel: Who Are You? Articulating NPD's Role and Value

Best of 2017: Transform: Best Practices for Transforming 21st Century Multigenerational Learning

Best of 2017: Transform: Emotional and Political Intelligence: Implications for Nurse Leaders

Best of 2017: Transform: Aspire to Transform: Recognize the Benefits of Renewal

Best of 2017: Transform: The Power of Transformation

Best of 2018: Imagine: Nursing & Interprofessional Education Refinement and Sustainability

Best of 2018: Imagine: Imagine Flipping the Classroom to Improve Outcomes

Best of 2018: Imagine: Animating NPD Scope and Standards: Generalist and Specialist Roles

Best of 2018: Imagine: Beyond Kirkpatrick: Targeted Strategies for Evaluating Programs and People

Best of 2018: Imagine: Developing a Transgender Affirmation Curriculum: Caterpillar to Butterfly

Best of 2018: Imagine: Dream Big: Transforming a Career Advancement Program to Meet Workforce Needs

Best of 2018: Imagine: Experience the Magic! Engaging Learners Through Gamification & Technology

Best of 2018: Imagine: Frozen Orientation Processes? Discover a Whole New World of Orientation

Best of 2018: Imagine: Imagine Success: Measuring NPD Economic Impact

Best of 2018: Imagine: Imagine!!!

Best of 2018: Imagine: Leaders of Tomorrow: Preparing Nurses to be Effective Charge Nurses

Best of 2018: Imagine: Leading from Where You Are

Best of 2018: Imagine: Orienting with a Tiered Skills Acquisition Model: Impact and Outcomes

Best of 2018: Imagine: Reenergize the Experienced Bedside Nurse? Challenge Accepted!

Best of 2018: Imagine: The Educators Treasure Chest: Pearls & other Jewels to Assess Competency

Best of 2018: Imagine: The Future of CE: Outcomes-based Professional Development

Best of 2018: Imagine: General Session Package

Best of 2018: Imagine: Qualified Observers: Ensure a Consistent Electronic Competency Process

Best of 2016: Inquire: NPD 2016: Scope and Standards of Practice Update

Best of 2016: Inquire: Challenge of Integrating Into Prof. Nurse Role

Best of 2016: Inquire: Building Bridges: One Question at a Time

Best of 2016: Inquire: EBP Culture: Professional Development Initiatives

Best of 2016: Inquire: Meeting the Educational Needs of Ambulatory Nurses

Best of 2016: Inquire: How to Incorporate Lean Methodologies into Orientation

Best of 2016: Inquire: Educational Forensics: Investigating and Prioritizing Edu. Opportunities

Best of 2017: Transform: Education Track Bundle

Best of 2017: Transform: It's Fat Tuesday! Get the Skinny on Lean and the NPD Scope and Standards

Best of 2017: Transform: Developing Games for Learning

Best of 2016: Inquire: Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE)

Best of 2016: Inquire: Developing Competencies for the NPD Specialist

Best of 2015: Excel: Ensuring Relevance in a Complex Healthcare World

Best of 2015: Excel: Transition to Practice: Results of NCSBN's Study

Best of 2016: Inquire: Myths and Realities of Accreditation Criteria

Best of 2017: Transform: Igniting and Sustaining EBP to Meet the Quadruple Aim in Healthcare

Best of 2017: Transform: Differentiating Outcomes and Objectives

Best of 2017: Transform: Transform from Just the Educator to NPD Practitioner in Your Organization

Best of 2016: Inquire: Know the Mind, Know the Learner-Applying Brain Science

Best of 2016: Inquire: Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall: The Art of Engagement

Best of 2016: Inquire: The IOM Future of Nursing Halftime Report (Hot Topic)

Best of 2017: Transform: Simulation and the Second Victim

Best of 2017: Transform: The Wright Way: Developing a Competency Assessment Tool that Works