COVID-19 Resources for NPD Practitioners

Healthcare providers worldwide are actively engaged in emergency operations related to the COVID-19 pandemic and Delta variant surge. ANPD’s mission is to advance quality health care by defining and promoting nursing professional development (NPD) practice. To help our community navigate this together, below are resources to support you in your practice to address rapidly evolving crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This page is being updated regularly with new information and resources as they become available.

Managing the COVID Surge

Aspire to Inclusivity Sessions Recording Package

As the COVID-19 pandemic surges, the health care community responds by finding ways to meet the evolving needs of patients and staff. Nursing professional development (NPD) teams are integral to creating and implementing innovative solutions to onboard, orient, cross train, and maintain staff competency. This package features several recorded sessions from the 2021 Annual Convention, Aspire to Inclusivity, providing innovative solutions to be considered as the health care community faces the continued surges of this pandemic.

  • A Balance Between Tradition and Innovation: Multimodal Learning Strategies for Emergent Education Need
  • An Interprofessional Team Led by Off-Shift NPD Practitioners: A Solution to the Pandemic
  • Bend But Don't Break: The Role of NPD Practitioners in a Global Pandemic
  • Cultivating Successful Preceptors Through Rapidly Changing Environments
  • COVID-19 Mock Code Training Gone Viral
  • Enhancing Resilience in the Midst of a Pandemic
  • Fostering Growth During COVID-19: Engaging New Team Members Through a Virtual Platform
  • Making it Work with What You Got: One Hospital's Approach to Training with Limited Resources
  • Sustaining High Reliability During a Pandemic: Nursing Professional Development for the Frontline
  • Under Pressure: Rapid Deployment Strategies During Crisis


Orientation & Onboarding

Critical Care Orientation for Non-ICU Nurses
Watch this webinar recording to learn how the team at Michigan Medicine–University of Michigan provides essential information and critical care skills for nurses redeployed to a modified ICU setting using a combination of cognitive tools and competency evaluation mechanisms.

Optimizing Nursing Staffing During a Pandemic
The speakers in this webinar recording describe a rapid orientation process for deploying nurses to ensure safe patient care during workforce shortages. 

  • This webinar is also available as a podcast.


Educational Emergencies: A Handbook for Preparedness and Response for Nursing Professional Development Practitioners 
This robust resource illuminates the innovative actions taken by NPD practitioners in response to stakeholders’ needs during the pandemic.

Preparing for Educational Emergencies
This webinar, made available free to both ANPD members and non-members, remains a timely resource for creating a strategy to guide rapid deployment of staff education based on lessons learned by educators who prepared staff during the Ebola outbreak.

  • This webinar is also available as a podcast

Strategies for Effective Virtual Education 
This webinar recording provides straightforward best practices and simple strategies to augment your efficacy as a learning facilitator in the virtual environment. Go from merely offering virtual education to excelling at enhancing learning through virtual offerings.

Can You Escape...Virtually?
This webinar recording provides an immersive virtual take on an in-person escape room experience and provides tools and resources to build your own virtual escape room! Due to popular demand, an example of a completed escape room is available as a handout.

Tech Tools
This 5-module, learner-paced, program explores how the use of a variety of “tech tools” can enhance effectiveness, promote efficiency, and engage your learners. Each module is available for individual purchase or as complete package.

Tap in to Technology to Make Education More Accessible - Using Videos and QR Codes
This webinar recording demonstrates how to make educational resources more accessible by using videos and quick response (QR) codes.

Calculating IV Drip Rates 
During the current pandemic, hospitals may run low of critical equipment such as IV pumps. Staff may be required to calculate drip rates to deliver IV fluids without the use of an IV pump—a skill they may have never used. This video, sponsored by WGU, gives step-by-step instructions for calculating macrodrip and microdrip IV drip rates and may be used for staff training free of charge.

Virtual Debriefing
This NPD Forecast podcast episode with Elizabeth Horsely explores barriers encountered in virtual debriefing and best practices for doing so both in-person and virtually.

Virtual Stimulation
Can virtual simulation approaches used in academia offer innovative solutions that NPD practitioners can adapt to meet professional development needs when face-to-face learning environments are not possible? Listen to this NPD Forecast podcast episode to find out.

Healthy Work Environment 

2020 ANPD/Sigma Promoting Resilience Recorded Webinar Series
We are living and working in unprecedented times. All the world’s attention has turned towards our work as nurses. We are all facing stress, be it at work, home, or both. The Promoting Resilience series explores strategies to reduce stress and anxiety through mindfulness practice and self-reflection to promote connection, sharing of experiences, and building our resilience.

Clinician Well-Being: What is Our Role?
The National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine released a consensus study report in late 2019 entitled, Taking Action Against Clinician Burnout: A Systems Approach to Professional Well-Being. In this report, 6 recommendations were made. This webinar recording explores these recommendations, focusing on those that can be acted on by professional development teams.

Creating Joy in the Workplace Through Resiliency Building
Clinicians are at risk of experiencing compassion fatigue, moral distress and threat to personal and professional integrity. Nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners can mitigate these risks through resiliency building. This webinar explores programming activities that make a difference and build resiliency. Addressing joy ing the workplace can support an environment of compassionate, high quality, and safe care.

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Wrap Text around Image To assist you during these tumultuous times, ANPD has temporarily made our members-only discussion forums available to anyone in the nursing community. The COVID-19 discussion forum is a resource for you to share articles, discuss strategies to assist your nursing staff through this crisis, and more.


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For specific guidelines for coronavirus management, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.