ANPD Recognition Awards

ANPD presents eight prestigious awards recognizing excellence in nursing professional development. The awards are presented to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the categories described.

2022 Award Nominations

The call for 2022 Award nominations is now closed. All nominees and nominators will be notified in January 2022 pending review.

Award Categories

Belinda E. Puetz Award

Belinda Puetz.jpg

This award encompasses excellence in NPD. This excellence is shown through the recipient’s creativity, productivity, exemplary leadership qualities, and efficiency. This award is named in memory of dedicated NNSDO/ANPD volunteer Belinda E. Puetz.

Change Agent Award

The NPD practitioner actively works to transform processes through inspiration, initiation, adoption, and sustainment of and adaption to change using project management and improvement processes at one of the following levels: patient care unit, education department, and organization.

Mentor Award

The NPD practitioner advances the profession by contributing to the professional development of others and supporting life-long learning as individuals develop across practice, professional and educational settings.

Leader Award

The NPD practitioner influences the interprofessional practice and learning environments, the NPD specialty, the profession of nursing, and healthcare.

Learning Facilitator Award

The NPD practitioner uses the educational design process to bridge the knowledge, skills, and/or practice gaps identified through a needs assessment.

Champion for Scientific Inquiry Award

The NPD practitioner promotes the generation and dissemination of new knowledge and the use of evidence to advance NPD practice, guide clinical practice, and improve patient care.

Advocate for NPD Specialty Award

The NPD practitioner actively supports, promotes, and demonstrates nursing professional development as a nursing practice specialty.

Partner for Practice Transitions Award

The NPD practitioner supports the transition of nurses and other healthcare team members across learning and practice environments, roles, and professional stages.