ANPD Spirit of Inquiry Program


A spirit of inquiry (SOI) is a consistent, intentional, and applied professional curiosity and is a key element of modern NPD practice.


  • Informs NPD practice
  • Guides NPD practitioners to question the status quo
  • Transforms the current state and inspires innovation
  • Influences professional growth by seeking to develop new knowledge or refine current assumptions
  • Ensures progression of the science of our specialty through a collective SOI

Call to Action

NPD practitioners must champion and sustain their own and others’ SOI.

NPD Focus Areas of Inquiry

  1. Determination of strategies that significantly increase engagement of learners.
  2. Types of technology that enhance learning
  3. Development of learning outcome metrics
  4. Strategies to sustain behavior change pursuant to NPD intervention
  5. Strategies that result in successful career and care continuum transitions
  6. NPD practices and/or programs that significantly impact outcomes (residencies, onboarding, competency management, life support etc.)
  7. Examine models (Lean, Six sigma, QI etc.) that create more efficient and effective NPD practices
          a. Time studies
          b. Interruptions
  8. Examine stakeholders views that impact the perceived value of NPD practice/role/influence
          a. CNOs
          b. Managers
          c. CFO
          d. Academic educators
  9. Factors that increase “buy-in” of stakeholders & target audiences
  10. Strategies that influence adoption of interprofessional development

ANPD Supported National Inquiry Initiatives

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