2022-23 ANPD Leadership Academy Candidate Application


The purpose of the NPD Leadership Academy is to facilitate succession planning by preparing NPD practitioners to assume leadership roles in NPD in a variety of settings.


The NPD Leadership Academy is a 12-month mentored program based on the content of Leadership in Nursing Professional Development: An Organizational and System Focus (Smith & Harper, 2016). The academy consists of a pre-convention workshop at ANPD’s annual convention, Aspire to Trailblaze, followed by live webinars throughout the year for each section of the text. Participants also complete relevant, asynchronous assignments between webinars. In addition, one mentored work-based leadership initiative is completed over the course of the year. Participants are required to submit an electronic poster and to share their initiative outcomes at ANPD’s 2023 annual convention.

The ANPD Leadership Academy will launch its 2022 cohort at ANPD's annual convention, Aspire to Trailblaze, in San Antonio, TX, with a pre-convention workshop on March 22, 2022. Contact hours will be awarded for all live program components and independent study.


  • NPD practitioners
    • New to leadership role or aspiring to leadership role
  • NPD certification required as a measure of competence and demonstration of advocacy for the specialty
  • Current ANPD member

Application Process

  • Complete online application
  • Submit CV/resume (through online application)
  • Submit personal letter of interest through online application (max. 1500 words), addressing all of the following points. Consider Standard 12: Leadership from the 2016 Nursing Professional Development: Scope and Standards of Practice in your responses.
    1. State how/why this program will help you reach your personal goals (include career/NPD goals).
    2. Address your leadership role within your organization and/or ANPD (at any level – affiliate, national); describe how you promote NPD within your organization.
    3. How can you further NPD in your organization and nationally?
    4. Why do you want to expand your leadership skillset?
    5. What goal of the ANPD Strategic Plan can you help promote and how? (ANPD Strategic Plan available at http://www.anpd.org/page/about)
    6. Part of the requirement of the program is an initiative within your organization. Please provide a general description of a potential work-based leadership initiative that you might implement and how it integrates with your organization’s strategic plan.
  • Provide a letter of support from a leader from your employer that addresses all of the following (through online application):
    1. Candidate's level of engagement within the organization
    2. Qualities that make candidate a strong candidate for the NPD Leadership Academy
    3. Statement of organizational support for the candidate (commitment of leadership to allow candidate to participate)
    4. Support for convention attendance (travel, hotel, food)
    5. Support for completion of initiative (oversight/mentoring/necessary resources including time)
    6. Support for initiative dissemination if needed
    7. Willingness to assess candidate pre & post participation in the NPD Leadership Academy

Responsibilities of Participants

  • Complete Strengthscope™ Assessment
  • Attend 2022 convention, March 22-25, 2022
  • Participate in live webinars
  • Attend scheduled initiative check-in meetings
  • Complete pre- and post-webinar assignments
  • Actively engage with mentor
  • Adhere to established timelines
  • Complete initiative
  • Disseminate findings from initiative (submit for a poster presentation at ANPD)
  • Advocate for the ANPD Leadership Academy program
  • Apply to serve as mentor for year following completion of the ANPD Leadership Academy


  • Opportunity to participate in convention concurrent session panel discussion about the leadership/protégé experience
  • Recognition at annual convention with certificate of completion
  • Pin
  • Electronic badge
  • Best Practice Initiative poster will be displayed at the 2023 Convention 

ANPD Leadership Academy Format

Pre-convention Workshop

An in-person workshop provides an introduction to the academy, networking opportunities for participants and introductions to mentors, if possible.

     Section 1: Introduction to NPD Leadership
          Duration: 4 hours (March 22, 2022)   
          Content: Strengthscope™ 

  • ANPD Leadership Academy Orientation
  • Section 1: Introduction to NPD Leadership
    • Chapter 1:  Leadership Theories and Frameworks Applied to NPD
    • Chapter 2:  Leadership in Practice
    • Chapter 3: Application of the NPD Scope and Standards of Practice


Each live webinar requires pre-webinar preparation and post-webinar activities. Webinars are conducted on each section of the leadership text.

     Section 2: Leadership in NPD Practice
          Duration: 2 months (May - June)

     Section 3:  NPD Department Operations
          Duration: 4 months (July - October)

     Section 4: NPD Services
          Duration: 4 months (November - February)     

Best Practice Initiative (due by March 2023)


  • Work-focused (of value to participant’s organization)
  • Oversight by organizational mentor/sponsor
  • Criteria:
    • Aligns with candidate’s organization’s strategic plan
    • Integrates evidence-based practice 
    • Includes interprofessional collaboration/continuing education as appropriate
    • Outcome-based (ROI, measurable patient/learner and organizational outcomes)

Outcome-based continuing education is offered for the best practice initiative. You are attesting to understanding the following criteria upon submission of this application.

Outcome Levels 

Level 1: Discuss the knowledge gained from the Leadership textbook and Leadership Academy webinars as evidenced by answering 100% of discussion questions on the Community page. 

Level 2: Collaborate with the nurse planner and assigned Leadership Academy mentor to finalize the Best Practice Initiative charter. Articulate the process for project implementation within the organization with 90% accuracy.  

Level 3: Guide the planning, implementation, and evaluation of an evidence-based Best Practice Initiative within the organization as evidenced by completion of an executive summary signed by the organizational sponsor.   

Level 4: Present various components of the evidence-based Best Practice Initiative through poster or panel presentation during the annual ANPD convention meeting 100% of poster submission or panelist rubric criteria. 

Evaluation Methods 

Level 1: Validation of discussion posts by the nurse planner/Leadership Academy facilitator.  

Level 2: Visible evidence of apposite Best Practice Initiative charter completion verified by the nurse planner/Leadership Academy facilitator. 

Level 3: Visible evidence of executive summary completion verified by the nurse planner/Leadership Academy facilitator and organizational sponsor’s signature.  

Level 4: Visible evidence of executive summary selection for panel presentation or poster abstract acceptance for ANPD’s annual convention.  


  • Association for Nursing Professional Development is accredited with distinction as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. 
  • There is no conflict of interest for anyone with ability to control content of this activity.
  • Criteria for awarding level achievement credit: completion of 100% of incremental requirements as noted above.


The registration fee for the one-year academy is $2,500. This includes the following:

  • Leadership in Nursing Professional Development: An Organization and Systems Focus ($95 value)
  • Nursing Professional Development: Scope and Standards of Practice, 4th edition ($35 value)
  • Strengthscope™ assessment ($80 value)
  • 2022 ANPD annual convention full registration ($900 value)
  • Live webinars as described above ($480 value)
  • Mentoring for the year, including consultations for Leadership Best Practice Initiative and networking opportunities (Priceless!)

Justification Letter

Download our justification letter to portray to your supervisor or manager how you and your facility would benefit from your participation in ANPD’s Leadership Academy.


The deadline to submit applications is Monday, November 9, 2021 at 11:59pm CST.

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