2019: ANPD Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with over 5,000 membersMilestone 14 2019.JPG

Thirty years after its founding, ANPD continues to grow and evolve. In 1989 NNSDO set out with the goal to obtain 200 members by the end of 1990. This goal was not only met but surpassed with 1,500 members of NNSDO. This membership number only continues to grow as ANPD has most recently reached 5,000 members with no signs of slowing down. In 2019, ANPD celebrated 30 years as an association in Phoenix, Arizona. ANPD continues to provide an abundance of products, services, programming, and networking to its members as the association fulfills its goal to be acknowledged as the expert voice, advocate, and leading resource for nursing professional development practice. 


We Are... 

5,000 NPD leaders strong; 

the future of the nursing professional development specialty; 

standing on the shoulder of the NPD giants who preceded us. 

National Nursing Staff Development Organization Steering Committee Members

Kathleen Fischer

Belinda Puetz

Sandra Holmes

Karen Kelly

Janice Ward

Judith Warmuth

Current and Past Association Leaders

ANPD Presidents 1990-2009

1990 – 1994 Karen Kelly Thomas

1995 – 1998 Francie Wolgin

1999 – 2001 Kathy Fischer

2001– 2005 Donna Wright

2006 – 2007  Kari Schmidt

2007 – 2009 Barbara Brunt

2009 –  2011 Sandra Bruce

Leadership/Board of Directors 2010-2018

2010 - 2011


President Sandra Bruce President Kathleen Dunn-Cane
President-Elect Kathleen Dunn-Cane President-Elect n/a
Treasurer Julie Aucoin Treasurer Julie Aucoin
Secretary Gen Huanci Secretary Gen Gunanci
Director Mendy Blair Director Joe F. Desjardins



President-Elect Mary Harper President-Elect n/a
Treasurer Ann Colbin Treasurer Ann Colvin
Secretary Gen Guanci Director Susan Bindon
Director Susan Bindon Director Nicole Gooding
Director Sara Levin Director Sara Levin
Director Debianne Peterman Director Nancy McManus
Director Joan Warren Director Chris Wilson



President Joan Warren President Joan Warren
President-Elect n/a President-Elect Chris Wilson
Treasurer Ann Colvin Treasurer Ann Colvin
Director Nicole Gooding Director Cathy Gage
Director Sara Levin Director Sara Levin
Director Nancy McManus Director Patsy Maloney
Director Linda Misko Director Linda Misko
Director Chris Wilson Director Michele Noble




Chris Wilson

President Chris Wilson
President-Elect n/a President-Elect Patsy Maloney
Treasurer Mary Golway Treasurer Mary Golway
Director Cathy Gage Director Weatherly Brice
Director Sue Johnson Director Cathy Gage
Director Patsy Maloney Director Sue Johnson
Director Michele Noble Director Michele Noble
Director Tina Spagnola Director Launette Woolforde


President Patsy Maloney
President-Elect n/a
Treasurer Mary Golway
Director Weatherly Brice
Director Debbie Buchwach
Director Cathy Gage
Director Michele Noble
Director Launette Woolforde

And YOU! At the 2019 Annual Convention, please sign your name on the last panel of the timeline!