1994: First Independent Convention 

Our first independent convention and 5th anniversary was held in Chicago. It was the first of a long line of successful conventions, 26 to be exact, with more to come. 

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Above: NNSDO members celebrate the first independent convention (1994) in Chicago, Illinois. 

1994: Innovate, Educate, Celebrate

City: Chicago, IL
Attendance: 625
Speakers: Fran Solomon, Ritch Davidson, Margretta Styles, Pat Heim

1994 Chicago.JPG

1995: Sail into the Future of Staff Development: Charting Your Course

City: Seattle, Washington
Attendance: 512
Speakers: Ben Bissell, Em Olivia Bevis, Beverly Malone, Gloria Dunn

1995 Seattle.JPG

1996: Change, Challenges, Choices: The Evolving Role of Staff Development

City: Boston, Massachusetts
Attendance: 695
Speakers: Pat Heim, Karen Kelly Thomas, Venner Farley

1996 Boston.JPG

1997: Restructure, Redesign, Renew: Staff Development’s Response to Organizational Change

City: Denver, Colorado
Attendance: 339
Speakers: David Noer, Marilyn Chow, Joan Keyes

1997 Denver.JPG

1998: Staff Developments Role in Leadership, Education, and High Performance

City: Indianapolis, Indiana
Attendance: 741
Speakers: Steve Allen Jr, Beverly Malone, Melodie Chenevertt

1998 Indy.JPG

1999: Staff Development and Patient Education for the New Millennium: Tradition, Technology and Beyond

City: Washington, D.C.
Attendance: 819
Speakers: Fran Solomon, Tim Porter O’Grady, Donna Wright

1999 DC.JPG

2000: Promoting and Advancing Evidence-Based Practice in Staff Development: Opportunities, Partnerships, and Outcomes

City: Orlando, Florida
Attendance: 702
Speakers: Mark Therrien, Esther Orioli, Venner Farley
Click here to view the 2000 Annual Convention Advance Program

2000 Orlando.JPG

2001: Providing Fast, Focused, Flexible Staff Development and Patient Education

City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Attendance: 821
Speakers: Judith Briles, Vicki Lachman, Leah Curtin
Click here to view the 2001 Annual Convention Advance Program

2001 Las Vegas.JPG

2002: Concise, Creative, and Cost-Effective: Patient Education and Staff Development for the 21st Century

City: Indianapolis, Indiana
Attendance: 614
Speakers: Debra Townsend, Karlene Kerfoot, Melodie Chenevert
Click here to view the 2002 Annual Convention Advance Program

2002 Indy.JPG

2003: Staff Development: Gateway to Excellence

City: Washington, D.C.
Attendance: 633
Speakers: Michele Deck, Karen Kelly Thomas, Patty Wooten
Click here to view the 2003 Annual Convention Advance Program

2003 DC.JPG

2004: Creating Waves: Staff Development Innovation and Impact

City: San Diego, California
Attendance: 888
Speakers: Eric Alexander, Gregory Chow, Venner Farley
Click here to view the 2004 Annual Convention Advance Program

2004 San Diego.JPG

2005: Lighting the Fire Within: Igniting Passion for Learning and Advancement

City: New Orleans, Louisiana
Attendance: 827
Speakers: Elizabeth Norman, K. Lynn Wieck, Melodie Chenevert
Click here to view the 2005 Annual Convention Advance Program

2005 New Orleans.JPG

2006: Magic Moments: Unlocking Staff Development Secrets

City: Orlando, Florida
Attendance: 836
Speakers: Dixie Schneider, Martha Griffin, Clifford Kuhn
Click here to view the 2006 Annual Convention Advance Program

2006 Orlando.JPG

2007: We Have a Dream: Envisioning the Future of Staff Development

City: Atlanta, Georgia
Attendance: 998
Speakers: Diane Sieg, Bernice Buresh, Ann E. Weeks
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2007 Atlanta.JPG

2008: Land of 10,000 Lake and 10,000 Ideas: Staff Development at its Best

City: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Attendance: 906
Speakers: Susan Vass, Sandy Summers, Joanne Disch
Click here to view the 2008 Annual Convention Advance Program

2008 Minneapolis.JPG

2009: Where Out Historic Past Meets Out History-Making Future

City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Attendance: 751
Speakers: Clara Adams-Ender, Peter Buerhaus, Nancy Coey
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2019 Philadelphia.jpg

2010: Leading, Developing, and Coaching Staff Excellence

City: San Diego, California
Attendance: 825
Speakers: Beverly Malone, Maria O’Rourke, Diana Jordan
Click here to view the 2010 Annual Convention Advance Program 

2010 San Diego.jpg

2011: The Winds of Chance: Accountability for Outcomes and Excellence

City: Chicago, Illinois
Attendance: 965
Speakers: Lori Rodriguez, Linda Burnes Bolton, Michael, R. Bleich, Gregory DeBourgh, Marus Engel
Click here to view the 2011 Annual Convention Advance Program

2011 Chicago.jpg

2012: Revolutionizing Healthcare Education

City: Boston, Massachusetts
Attendance: 1132
Speakers: Linda Honan Pellico, Carol Boston-Fleschhauer, Donna M. White
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2012 Boston.jpg

2013: Aspire… to Leadership

City: Dallas, Texas
Attendance: 993
Speakers: Peter Doolittle, Pam Jefferies, Terry Stickels, Kent Rader
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Pins 2013.jpg

2014: Aspire… to Innovation

City: Orlando, Florida
Attendance: 981
Speakers: Patricia Yoder-Wise, Angela Barron McBirde, Dora Bradley, Donna Wright
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Pins 2014.jpg

2015: Aspire... to Excel

City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Attendance: 1,236
Speakers: Jerry Mansfield, Nancy Spector, Julia Aucoin, Joan Warren, Mary Harper, Kari Schmidt, Patty Wooten
Click here to view the 2015 Annual Convention Advance Program

Pin 2015.jpg

2016: Aspire… to Inquire

City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Attendance: 1,234
Speakers: Marlene Kramer. Art Kohn, Veda Andrus, Susan Bindon, Lynn Gallagher-Ford, Mary Harper, Patsy Maloney, Michelle R. Troseth, Joan Warren
Click here to view the 2016 Annual Convention Advance Program

Pins 2016.jpg

2017: Aspire... to Transform

City: New Orleans, Louisiana
Attendance: 1,274
Speakers: Michele Deck, Bernadette Melnyk, Donna Cardillo, Lorelei Lingard
Click here to view the 2017 Annual Convention Advance Program

Pins 2017.jpg

2018: Imagine

City: Orlando, Florida
Attendance: 1,407
Speakers: Bette Case Di Leonardi, Karen N. Drenkard, Allison Rossettt, Rich Bluni
Click here to view the 2018 Annual Convention Advance Program

Pins 2018.jpg