1992: First American Nurses Credentialing Center Certification for Our SpecialityMilestone 8 1992.JPG

The first specialty certification exam was offered on October 3, 1992 by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The initial certification was called “Nursing Continuing Education and Staff Development.” A total of 1,384 people took the initial examination, which at that time was a pencil and paper exam, in more than 73 locations nationwide, setting an ANCC record for the number of individuals taking a single certification exam on one day! The pass rate for the initial exam was 84% (1,162 individuals). 

In 1992, the National Nursing Staff Development Organization (now ANPD) began offering certification preparation courses. These live courses were held in 17 locations in 1992 and follow-up survey results indicated a 94% pass rate for attendees who subsequently took the ANCC certification examination.

ANPD continues the tradition of offering NPD Certification Preparation course around the country and continues to boast a pass rate of over 90% - well above the national average. As of 2017, over 3,200 nurses were certified in NPD.

NPD Cert Prep
Course Attendance
Number of Nurses Certified in NPD (per ANCC)
2015 447 2,744
2016 600 2,963
2017 898 3,215
2018  753 Data not available

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Above: ANPD members member participate in a recent certification prepatation course.