1992: The Advent of Star SearchMilestone 7 1992.JPG

In August of 1992, the NNSDO Board began to plan the first independent NNSDO convention.  The Board discussed opportunities to enhance the nursing staff development practice through innovative features in the convention.

Three of the NNSDO Board members, Francie Wogrin, Lyle Fuller, and Kari Schmidt were in San Francisco for a staff development conference. The three met for lunch in the restaurant in the lower level of Saks in downtown San Francisco and brainstormed innovative ideas for the convention. This brainstorming resulted in the idea of the NNSDO Star Search. The focus was to provide an opportunity for staff development specialists to present to a national audience. The winners of Star Search would present a concurrent session at the NNSDO Convention the following year.

Star Search.jpgWhat an excellent opportunity to showcase innovative staff development practices and gain experience and confidence in presenting to this national group of peers!

Francie, Lyle and Kari were very excited and could not wait to share this idea with the rest of the Board.  Well, as they say the rest is history….the first winners of Star Search were Karen Stalling and Kathleen Kiesel, and the second year Star Search winner was Donna Wright, now a past president of NNSDO and internationally known NPD practitioner. 

Yes, this was the humble beginning of an innovative idea that continues almost 30 years later.

Left: 2016 Star Search Winner, Kristine Buffa