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Military nurses have played a significant role in the history of ANPD starting with Sandy Holmes, an active duty Navy nurse, who was one of the founding members. As a member of the military and later as a Board member, she had two goals. The first was to have the annual convention be a place for members of the military who practiced what was then called staff development to meet, share, and problem solve. By 1994 her first goal was realized with the establishment of a Military Special Interest Group (SIG), which met the day following the convention. This SIG was so popular that by 1995, there were four times as many registrants for the Military SIG Conference as the year before. In 2005 the Military SIG expanded its post-convention workshop to two days.

Capture 9.JPGSandy's second goal was that the leadership of ANPD would include military—active, reserve, retired, and veterans. There have been three active duty or retired military presidents of ANPD. These include Sandra Bruce (2009-2011), a retired Air Force nurse, whose retirement ceremony followed the convention with the room full of military honoring her service. She was followed by Kathleen Dunn-Cane (2011-2014), an active duty Air Force nurse, who deployed during her ANPD presidency to serve her country. The current President Patsy Maloney (2018-2020) is a retired Army nurse, who joined NNSDO in 1990 while on active duty. Every year at the start of convention, the ANPD President asks all who have or are serving to stand, and a huge proportion of the room jump to their feet to receive ovation for their service. Although the Military SIG has ended, the military presence in our membership and leadership remains. Sandy's second goal continues to be realized thirty years later.

Capture 1.JPGAbove: ANPD members who are military nurses pose for a photo at an ANPD Annual Convention.