1985: Disseminating Best Practices — the Journal for Nurses in Professional DevelopmentMilestone 3 1985.JPG

In 1985 Belinda E. Puetz, PhD, RN founded the Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, published by Lippincott. The first Editorial Board included Ed Coakley, MEd, RN, Sandra Holmes, NC, USN, Margaret L. Martin, MSN, Suzanne Sikma, MSN, and Helen Tobin, MSN, FAAN. Belinda E. Puetz was the Editor-in-Chief until 2013; Susan L. Bindon, DNP, RN-BC, CNE and Kari L. Schmidt, MS, RN-BC, ACC were Co-Editors from 2013-2018; and Kathleen G. Burke, PhD, RN-BC, CENP, FAAN became Editor-in-Chief in 2019.

The Journal was originally published quarterly, and in 1989 published six times per year for a total of 198 issues to date. The Journal changed its name in 2013 to the Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, consistent with the NPD standards. 

LargeRollover.01709760-201903000-00000.CV.jpgOver the past 35 years, the Journal has included columns that were defined by the needs of the specialty and feedback from the Editorial Board and readers. JNPD includes content on various professional development topics, research and innovations in nursing professional development, and articles on developing, implementing and evaluating program effectiveness. Continuing education features are included in each issue. In the past five years, JNPD has expanded the content available on its website, including videos, reader polls, and online-only articles.

The influence of JNPD has expanded over the past 35 years, influencing nursing practice nationally and internationally!

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                                                                  Above: JNSD editorial board discusses the goals of the journal.