1928: The Birth of Our Speciality 

Milestone 1 1928.JPGIn 1928 Blanche Pfeffercorn, Executive Secretary of what is now known as the National League of Nursing, stated “The improvement of the nurse in service, in its broadest implications is as old as nursing…but the improvement of the graduate nurse for professional or cultural growth, is yet in its infancy” (1928, p.703). Our name became in-service educators and in-service education became part of nursing service within hospitals. In-service education had become so critical to nursing that a chapter was dedicated to it in the Yearbook of Modern Nursing 1956. The names in-service educator and in-service education continued to be used to refer to our specialty until the 1970s when replaced with nursing staff development and nursing staff development educator.  Staff development continued as the name of our specialty through 2010.

[Pfefferkorn, 1928. Improvement of the nurse in service:  A historical review. The American Journal of Nursing (AJN), 28(7), 700-710.].