Nursing Professional Development Online Certification Preparation Course

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Target Audience

  • RNs: NPD practitioners who meet the eligibility requirements for basic certification.
  • Professional development associates preparing for the Certified Healthcare Continuing Professional Development Professional (CHCP) or the Healthcare Continuing Professional Development Associate Certificate.

Description: This 29-module learner-paced, online course is designed to prepare nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners for the basic NPD certification examination administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The content is also applicable (although not exhaustive) for individuals preparing for the Certified Healthcare Continuing Professional Development Professionals (CHCP) certification or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Associate Certificate administered by the Alliance for Continuing Education in Health Professionals. 

Outcome: NPD practitioners who complete this course will successfully pass the ANCC certification exam.

Continuing EducationAssociation for Nursing Professional Development is accredited with distinction as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

Contact Hours: 20.24

Expiration Date: 9/15/2024

Successful completion:

  1. Complete module
  2. Pass module post-test with score of 80% or higher
  3. Complete on-line evaluation

Conflict of Interest: No conflict of interest exists for anyone in the position to control content for this activity.


  1. Introduction to the Certification and Test-Taking Strategies (Contact Hours: 0.60)
  2. Intro to NPD Practice (Contact Hours: 0.82)
  3. Learning Theories (Contact Hours: 1.10)
  4. Introduction to Planning Quality Continuing Professional Development (Contact Hours: 0.67)
  5. Identifying Need for Educational Activity (Contact Hours: 0.57)
  6. Outcomes and Objectives (Contact Hours: 0.62)
  7. Educational Activity Content (Contact Hours: 0.74)
  8. Learner Engagement (Contact Hours: 0.62)
  9. Commercial Support (Contact Hours: 0.53)
  10. Conflict of Interest (Contact Hours: 0.58)
  11. Evaluation (Contact Hours: 0.52)
  12. Interprofessional Continuing Education (Contact Hours: 0.57)
  13. Test Construction (Contact Hours: 0.50)
  14. Role Development (Contact Hours: 0.50)
  15. Leadership (Contact Hours: 1.0)
  16. Change Agent (Contact Hours: 0.86)
  17. Competency Management (Contact Hours: 0.74)
  18. Resource Management (Contact Hours: 0.80)
  19. Healthy Work Environment/Teambuilding (Contact Hours: 0.70)
  20. Decision Making  (Contact Hours: 0.60)
  21. Delegation (Contact Hours: 0.60)
  22. Communication (Contact Hours: 1.0)
  23. Ethical/Legal Considerations of NPD Practice (Contact Hours: 0.75)
  24. Copyright (Contact Hours: 0.60)
  25. Evidence-Based Practice & Research (Contact Hours: 0.60)
  26. Process Improvement (Contact Hours: 0.80)
  27. Technology (Contact Hours: 0.70)
  28. Program and Project Management Part I: Phases (Contact Hours: 0.80)
  29. Program and Project Management Part II: Tools (Contact Hours: 0.75)

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Purchase Options: You may either purchase the full version of this course, or partial packages based on your educational needs. The bundles are grouped by content domain as identified on the ANCC NPD exam content outline. All testing domain bundles include the Introduction to Test-Taking Strategies module free of charge.

A full list of purchase options can be found below. Please note: No refunds will be given once the course has been started.


Full Course:

ANPD Member: $325
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Partial Packages:

Educational Process Standards Testing Domain
(11 modules)

ANPD Member: $150
Non-member: $200

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Leadership Testing Domain
(10 modules)

ANPD Member: $135
Non-member: $180

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Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Standards Testing Domain
(5 modules)

ANPD Member: $60
Non-member: $80

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Evidence-based Practice & Research Testing Domain
(2 modules)

ANPD Member: $15
Non-member: $20

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Technology Testing Domain
(2 modules)

ANPD Member: $15
Non-member: $20

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Program/Project Management and Process Improvement Testing Domain
(4 modules)

ANPD Member: $45
Non-member: $60

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