The NPD Café is Still Open - November 2021

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The NPD Café is Still Open!

By Jillian A. Russell, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

ANPD partnered with Sigma to jointly provide NPD Café—a unique six-part series designed for nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners seeking to fill their professional cups. Although the live-virtual experience has come to a close, the NPD Café remains open to energize and refuel NPD practitioners everywhere. A reflective field guide accompanies each session providing the foundation for action and professional growth. The 2021 NPD Café sessions include:

  • Closing Your Gaps by Cultivating Your Professional Growth
  • Innovation and Creativity—The Boost You’ve Been Looking For
  • Espresso Yourself and Your Leadership Style
  • Brew Your Leadership Skills
  • Stop Procaffinating and Start Evaluating!
  • Rise and Grind—Finding Flow in Work-Life Harmony

The NPD Café recordings are available here

Take a look at what your NPD colleagues are saying about their NPD Café experience.

“I now have resources to guide me back into planning for my professional development and explore the questions of what and where do I want my career to go from here.”

“Thank you for sharing this information. It is often alluded to and the importance is evident, but having this concrete instruction/guidance is invaluable!”

“The information was immediately applicable and useful. It will enhance my professional development.”

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