Nursing Professional Development: Al is the Future - March 2020

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Nursing Professional Development: Al is the Future

By Jenn Bodine, DNP, RN, NPD-BC, CEN

Nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners are expected to be forward thinkers by recognizing trends that may result in practice gaps (Harper & Maloney, 2016). Simply put, artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer’s ability to perform tasks typically performed by humans (, n.d.). AI offers the healthcare community the opportunity to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and positively impact patient health (Auerbach et al., 2019). However, as with any advance in technology, we must be conversant of the consequences of the application of new technology as well as mindful that implementation of these advances is methodically planned to ensure high-quality outcomes. 

As use of AI becomes more commonplace, NPD practitioners must be aware of the benefits, limitations, and best practices for AI. The National Academy of Medicine recently published Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: The Hope, The Hype, The Promise, The Peril. This e-publication serves as a reference for understanding AI and its appropriate implementation and sustainment within a healthcare organization. The e-publication also discusses the legal, regulatory, and ethical ramifications of AI. This publication helps NPD practitioners navigate the deployment of AI and guides them in AI education and training. Read Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: The Hope, The Hype, The Promise, The Peril here.


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