NPD Rock Stars - April 2021

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NPD Rock Star

Liz Cambier, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

By Jillian Russell, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

This month, ANPD is proud to recognize Liz Cambier, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, as April’s NPD Rock Star. Liz pursued nursing as a second degree and began her career in a Chicago medical ICU in 2009. A relocation brought her to Holland, Michigan, in 2010, where she assumed the clinical educator—now titled, Professional Development Educator (PDE)—role in the Emergency Department at Holland Hospital. Liz obtained her MSN, with a concentration in education, from Ferris State University in 2016 and began to take on leadership and coordinator responsibilities soon after, thus evolving to her current full-time focus.  

The PDE team at Holland Hospital has a unique, combined centralized-decentralized structure. Each PDE wears several different hats, is embedded within each nursing area/department, and reports to the respective department manager. The PDEs come together to provide all centralized clinical education and professional development offerings for clinical staff (nursing, unlicensed personnel, and ancillary services). These offerings include clinical orientation, the RN practice transitions program, ongoing clinical education and competencies, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) offerings, and frontline leadership and role development programs. Liz is responsible for coordinating these centralized programs, mentoring and supporting PDEs, and actualizing the PDE team mission, vision, and strategic plan. Liz also acts as the liaison for academic partners and oversees the organization’s shared governance program.

Liz is focused on making the NPD Scope & Standards of Practice (Harper & Maloney, 2016) a living, breathing part of her organizational culture. Her team—and many of the leaders and staff within the organization—can attest that she always has the Scope & Standards book in her bag and often pulls it out to guide discussions. Not only did Liz’s team revise their job descriptions to align with NPD roles and responsibilities, but they also used the Scope & Standards, the organization’s and ANPD’s mission, vision, and strategic goals, to create their team's strategic plan. The PDE team at Holland Hospital develops individualized NPD competencies each year based on the NPD standards of practice and associated competencies. Reflecting on the last few years, Liz recognizes the significant transformation in her PDE team, including the creation of her current position. She finds the most pride in the growth of her team—seeing the PDEs seek opportunities, pursue excellence, and take ownership for the specialty practice.

Liz’s commitment to NPD goes far beyond her organization. She took part in the inaugural cohort of the ANPD Leadership Academy, has presented at ANPD’s Annual Convention as a podium presenter, and currently serves on the ANPD Content Planning Committee for 2021–2022. Later this year, she will be volunteering for the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Standard Setting Committee for NPD certification. She also is highly engaged in Michigan Nursing Professional Development (MNPD), the local ANPD affiliate. Liz will begin her tenure as President-Elect and then President in the coming month. On a personal note, Liz loves to travel and explore —camping, hiking, and road trips top the list of favorites. In the fall of 2019, Liz and her wife became foster parents to 3-month-old and 15-month-old siblings—and their baby sister, born last summer, joined her family as well. Liz describes, “In addition to a crash course in parenting (in a pandemic!) we've learned a lot about the heartache, hope, and the so very bittersweet joy of foster care and the child welfare system in our nation” (L. Cambier, personal communication, February 26, 2021).

Join us in congratulating Liz for her efforts to support and advocate for the NPD specialty!


Harper, M. G., & Maloney, P. (Eds). (2016). Nursing professional development: Scope & standards of practice (3rd ed.). Association for Nursing Professional Development.

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