JNPD Update - March 2020

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JNPD Update

A Message from Journal for Nurses in Professional Development (JNPD) Editorial Board Member Melanie Rainford, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

ANPD Members,

This year, JNPD is introducing a new ‘Interprofessional Learning Environments’ column, evolved from the previous ‘Simulation’ column. Section Editors Mary Edel Holtschneider, MEd, MPA, BSN, RN, NPD-BC, NREMT-P, CPLP, and Chan W. Park, MD, FAAEM, discuss this transition in the JNPD January/February 2020 issue; they were “...convinced that the future success of the healthcare system will be intimately tied to the extent of successful integration of interprofessional training, teamwork, and system-wide engagement of interprofessional ideals.” (p.44). This sentiment ultimately supported the board’s decision to

...broaden the scope of our earlier column entitled ‘Simulation,’ to include discussions of interprofessionalism and how to improve our learning and workplace culture. It is [the] intent that this will foster greater meaningful and impactful interprofessional knowledge, skills, and attitude (p. 44). 

In future issues, the Interprofessional Section Editors plan to

“...[explore] opportunities and ways that NPD practitioners can both initiate and help foster a culture that embraces greater interprofessionalism and interprofessional learning environments. [They] will also explore ways to develop, implement, and evaluate interprofessional team training and collaboration through the lens of the Kirkpatrick model” (Holtschneider & Chan, 2020, p. 45).

Read more about this transition in our Jan/Feb 2020 issue and follow real-time updates by connecting with us online. Follow our new LinkedIn page and find us on Facebook and Twitter.  

Additionally, if you have suggestions on how to enhance this new column, Ms. Holtschneider and Dr. Park would like to hear from you! Do you foresee any opportunities or challenges evolving for NPD practitioners as we move into this arena? Continue the dialogue, and e-mail the column editors at mary.holtschneider@va.gov and chan.park2@va.gov


Park, C. W., & Holtschneider, M. E. (2020, January/February). Emerging opportunities for nursing professional development practitioners to impact our healthcare system. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development 36(1), 44-45. https://doi.org/10.1097/NND.0000000000000604

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