Core Curriculum for Nursing Professional Development, 5th Edition (2017)

Core Curriculum for Nursing Professional Development (5th ed.) is a comprehensive reference guide for nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners. Core Curriculum provides a foundation for fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of NPD practice as described in the specialty’s scope and standards. The 5th edition is now a full-text resource (previous editions were in outline format) that can be used for certification review.

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Core Curriculum Table of Contents

  • Section One: Foundations of Practice
    • Chapter 1: Evolution of Nursing Professional Development
    • Chapter 2: The Complex Healthcare Environment
    • Chapter 3: Adult Learning
    • Chapter 4: Educational Neuroscience
    • Chapter 5: Diversity: An Integral Concept in Nursing Professional Development
    • Chapter 6: Interprofessional Continuing Education
    • Chapter 7: Communication and Feedback
    • Chapter 8: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Nursing Professional Development Practice
  • Section Two: NPD Learning Facilitator Role & Responsibility for Education
    • Chapter 9: Gaps in Professional Practice / Learning Needs Assessment
    • Chapter 10: Planning Committee
    • Chapter 11: Establishing Measurable Outcomes for Educational Activities and Departments
    • or Provider Units
    • Chapter 12: Planning Content of Educational Activities
    • Chapter 13: Teaching Methodologies and Learner Engagement
    • Chapter 14: Technology in Nursing Professional Development
    • Chapter 15: Simulation as a Tool for the Nursing Professional Development Practitioner
    • Chapter 16: Logistical Considerations in Coordination of Activities
    • Chapter 17: Measuring Outcomes at the Activity Level
    • Chapter 18: Program Evaluation: Measuring Impact at the Organizational Level
    • Chapter 19: Accreditation of Continuing Nursing Education
  • Section Three: Roles & Responsibilities of the NPD Practitioner
    • Chapter 20: Change Agent
    • Chapter 21: Mentor
    • Chapter 22: Leader Role in Nursing Professional Development
    • Chapter 23: Champion for Scientific Inquiry: Research, Evidence-based Practice,
    • and Quality Improvement
    • Chapter 24: Onboarding/Orientation
    • Chapter 25: Partner for Practice Transitions
    • Chapter 26: Competency Management
    • Chapter 27: Collaborative Partnerships
    • Chapter 28: Advocate for the NPD Specialty
    • Chapter 29: Professional Role Development

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