Board Liaison's Message - October 2021

Board Liaison's Message

A Time of Transitions

A Note from Sheila St. Cyr, MS, RN, NPD-BC, and Stephanie Zidek, MSN, RN, AGCNS-BC, NEA-BC, NPD-BC

My fellow nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners –

Happy Fall, everyone!  I don’t know about you, but autumn is my second favorite season!  Summer edges it out by a bit since I love the sun and enjoy any opportunity to get in some water and swim! It is during this time of the year that the days start to be a bit cooler and we begin to see the vibrant colors on the trees. Halloween will be here shortly, and before we know it, Thanksgiving will be upon us. The days this year have flown by in some ways, and in other ways, the days have been long—especially with the recent wave of the COVID pandemic and Delta variant. I continue to be in awe and amazed at what NPD practitioners are doing every day to support and/or work alongside frontline healthcare workers. Thank you so much for your continued efforts!

As we move through this phase of the year, we have already passed the autumnal equinox, which occurred on September 22. There are two of these events each year when the sun is precisely above the equator. One occurs in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern Hemisphere. For each of these events, day and night are of equal length. The long summer nights have passed and we are in a state of transition (The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2020). Much like the autumnal equinox and the transition it represents, I have moved into the President-Elect role on the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) Board of Directors and have been learning the associated duties. As I take on new responsibilities, I will be handing over the TrendLines Board Liaison message baton to, new ANPD Director, Stephanie Zidek. She is extremely excited about this opportunity, and I am thrilled for her. But don’t worry, this will not be the last you will be hearing from me. Once I step into the President role, I will be alternating messages with Stephanie. 

So now I will let Stephanie take over this Liaison message and introduce herself—take it away, Stephanie!

All the best,

Sheila Signature.jpg

Sheila St. Cyr, MS, RN, NPD-BC
Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention Specialist
Department of Pharmacy
OU Medicine 


stephanie zidek.jpg

Stephanie Zidek, MSN, RN, AGCNS-BC, NEA-BC, NPD-BC

Thank you to Sheila for the warm introduction and her exemplary service to TrendLines over the past two years.

As shared above, we recently celebrated the official arrival of autumn, which reminds me of a timely saying—Autumn, the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful. I am honored to begin my ANPD Board of Directors' term and serve as the TrendLines Board Liaison.

ANPD serves as the thought and practice leader for the specialty of nursing professional development. As a Director of Nursing Education and Professional Development for a large, Midwestern health system, my role has enabled me to advance ANPD’s core values: leadership, practice excellence, and inquiry. By using key ANPD resources, I collaborated with my leadership team to secure site-based NPD practitioner roles, realign NPD job descriptions to compliment the NPD Scope and Standards, and introduce additional NPD leadership roles to support core priorities and strengthen the system structure. I plan to continue to lean into these foci to guide my board tenure, advocate for our membership, and fortify NPD practice across the continuum and around the globe. I am eager and excited to represent the many faces and facets of NPD!

In keeping with the theme of transitions, our specialty has openly embraced change and championed the NPD role of a change agent throughout the COVID pandemic. According to Case di Leonardi and Perron (2018), the NPD change agent serves as a backbone for success for both planned and unplanned change. The NPD practitioner has a unique role and valued perspective, allowing change to impact and advance the nursing profession. Over the past 18 months, NPD practitioners transformed nursing education and accelerated care delivery to meet the needs of the current healthcare climate. The NPD practitioner leveraged technology in new and exciting ways, reimagined education to support all levels of learning, and rapidly adapted nursing practice based on evolving information. Moving forward and heading into the end of another unprecedented year, we must continue embracing the unknown and accepting new challenges. Together we can ensure NPD practitioners further shape practice, accelerate influence, and optimize healthcare outcomes.

Warm Regards,

zidek signature.jpg

Stephanie Zidek, MSN, RN, AGCNS-BC, NEA-BC, NPD-BC
Board of Director Member
Association for Nursing Professional Development

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