Blueprint for a Preceptor Workshop Webinar - May 2020

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Blueprint for a Preceptor Workshop Webinar

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Joanna Dagenais MSN, RN, CCRN-K; Nursing Education Specialist, UW Health, Madison, WI

Sarah Knudsvig MSN, RN; Clinical Staff Educator, UW Health, Madison, WI

Megan Webber MSN, RN, CMSRN; Nursing Education Specialist, UW Health, Madison, WI

Join us on June 10, 2020, to explore how our cross-departmental group of nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners collaborated to construct an engaging and effective Preceptor Workshop. We are from the University of Wisconsin (UW) Health and are passionate about the use of innovative teaching strategies to support personal and professional growth. Joanna Dagenais has been a Nursing Education Specialist for 3 years; Megan Webber has been a Nursing Education Specialist for 6 years; and Sarah Knudsvig has been a Clinical Staff Educator for 4 years.

Precepting is crucial in the fast-paced and highly-technical world of healthcare. At UW Health, NPD practitioners from various practice settings assessed the 2018 preceptor program to identify opportunities for improvement and standardization. Initial preceptor training was chosen as the first process improvement step. A 4-hour workshop was developed, incorporating innovative teaching strategies and best practices found in the literature.  Strategies used included role-playing activities, case study review, a pre-class self-assessment of learning style, and small group problem solving and discussion. The workshop focused on how to provide actionable feedback, recognizing and adapting to differences in communication and learning styles, and strategies for overcoming difficult precepting scenarios.

In 2019, learners completed a level one evaluation, revealing that 100% of the time, learners identified a method they would apply in practice, and 97% of the time, the quality of the program and teaching methods were rated as effective (good to excellent). After each workshop, attendees reflected and wrote down concepts they planned to take with them and apply into practice as a preceptor. These reflections were used to perform a level three evaluation and the attendees were contacted approximately three months later. 75% of attendees identified that they had precepted since the workshop and of those, 100% of the time they applied their identified concepts into practice.

Precepting questions and challenges that were submitted during the workshop were compiled and ongoing development topics were chosen, including: providing feedback, creating an orientation plan for an orientee, and challenging orientee situations. The workshop evaluation results show that learner needs are met, and will be used to make continued improvements.  

Join us on June 10th for a fun and interactive “speed version” of our Preceptor Workshop. We hope to see you then!

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