ANPD’s Newest Partner: The DAISY Foundation

ANPD is thrilled to announce our support of The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Foundation™. Both organizations share a strong desire to promote excellence in nursing through this relationship, which will also benefit the missions of both The DAISY Foundation and the membership of ANPD.

The DAISY Foundation was created in 1999 in memory of the extraordinary nursing care provided to J. Patrick Barnes during his hospitalization. His family’s drive to say “thank you” to nurses for the compassionate and skillful care they provide has evolved to play a strategic role in healthcare organizations. Today DAISY’s programs are active in over 2,500 healthcare facilities in all fifty states and in fifteen countries.

This newly founded partnership acknowledges and promotes the work being done on behalf of nurses and patients. Just as ANPD promotes recognition of nurse educators and preceptors as leaders in clinical settings and as potential future NPD practitioner, The DAISY Nurse Leader Award is a means of honoring leaders, including those in nursing professional development such as nurse educators and preceptors in the clinical setting. 

We look forward to the endeavors of this partnership and hope our members take advantage of the new opportunities it brings forth for recognition of preceptors in their organizations.

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