Preceptor Certificate of Mastery Form

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Portfolio Pre-Approval Submission


Preceptor Certificate of Mastery

The Preceptor Certificate of Mastery will be awarded to those who demonstrate expertise and excellence in precepting by meeting all of the requirements outlined for the portfolio submission. Portfolios will be reviewed by a panel of appraisers made up of nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners and a certificate and digital badge will be awarded to qualified individuals within 6-8 weeks.

Before receiving access to the Preceptor Certificate of Mastery (COM) portfolio materials, the pre-approval documents listed below must be submitted and approved.

Pre-Approval Documents

  • Photocopies of RN and/or APRN license(s) or a photocopy of the on-line verification of current licensure from the state board of nursing. If non-RN, submit proof that applicant is supervised by an RN as a member of the patient care nursing team.
  • A transcript showing degree conferred (an unofficial transcript is acceptable).
  • Verification of certification, if held. A physical or e-copy is acceptable. ANPD reserves the right to request an official letter of verification from the certifying body. The applicant is responsible for any charges related to procuring the letter.
  • Education Record
  • Letter of Recommendation/Support
  • Precepting Experience Log
  • Verification of precepting hours
  • Verification of Preceptor Training
  • Verification of Coursework Requirements