ANPD is excited to announce the 2nd annual SimWars competition winners!

SimWars is an online competition, facilitated by iSimulate, that challenges NPD practitioners to demonstrate their debriefing skills after viewing filmed simulation scenarios. The top three highest scoring debriefers were recognized at ANPD's 2022 Annual Convention, Aspire to Trailblaze. Congratulations to our top three winners: 

Participants' Choice

Linda Taylor, RN, NPD-BC

First Place

Linda Taylor, RN, NPD-BC

Second Place

Lisa Davenport, MSN, RN, CCRN-K

Third Place

Brianna Qualizza, MSN, RN

Here's How It Worked:

Round one took place throughout November and December, where 15 participants scheduled time with iSimulate to watch a pre-recorded simulation scenario created in collaboration with the Durham, North Carolina VA Health Care System Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship Program. After the simulation scenario, they debriefed the team lead based on the learning outcomes. 

iSimulate Logo.jpg

Finalists were then selected to proceed to Round 2, held live at ANPD's Annual Convention, Aspire to Trailblaze, in San Antonio, TX, March 22-25, 2022. These debriefs were reviewed by ANPD judges, Marie Gilbert DNP, RN, CHSE and Elizabeth Horsley, MS, RN, CHSE. Participants were scored with the DASH tool

AC22 SimWars.png


Four winners were selected based on the judging and scoring information shared above. Prizes include:

  • 1st Place: Free registration to the 2023 ANPD Annual Convention in Atlanta, GA, and a free iPad from iSimulate
  • 2nd Place: One free hotel night in Atlanta, GA during the 2023 ANPD Convention
  • 3rd Place: A $50 credit to the ANPD Online Store
  • People's Choice: The opportunity to be published in TrendLines with an article about your SimWars experience, a $15 credit to the ANPD Online Store, and a complimentary copy of Making a Difference: An Anthology of Nursing Professional Development Stories
*People's Choice: All debriefs will be shared during Aspire to Trailblaze, and attendees will vote for their favorite debriefer. A QR code will be provided onsite for attendees to access the voting link.