Partner with ANPD

Partner with ANPD

Does your company sell products or services targeted to NPD professionals? ANPD offers numerous ways to reach our members and make a lasting impression.

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For additional information, e-mail Shane Adriatico or call (312) 673-5623.

Reach ANPD Members

Are you interested in reaching 4,250+ members of ANPD by e-mail or direct mail? See how ANPD can help you reach your target audience:

Targeted E-mail

ANPD sends a targeted e-mail to members who have provided their e-mail address and have shown interest in hearing more for ANPD partners! HTML must be designed by your team and content is subject to approval by ANPD. Limited to one (1) per month; reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. HTML must be received by ANPD one week prior to agreed upon send date. Prices:

  • One e-mail: $1,200
  • One e-mail with follow up to individuals who opened the previous e-mail: $1,600
  • Two e-mails: $2,000

Direct Mailing

Purchase a mailing list of ANPD members who have provided their mailing addresses and have shown interest in hearing more from ANPD partners! Use this list to send one (1) targeted message. Please note that your company is responsible for printing, postage and handling. Rates: $0.50/name, plus $50 processing fee ($300 minimum)