ANPD Program Coordinator Application

ANPD Program Coordinator (Publications & Products)

Duties & Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Director of Nursing Professional Development:

Environmental Scanning and Exploration

  • Conducts environmental scanning, including analysis of needs assessment data, to identify potential new publications and products for ANPD:
    • Explores possibilities to include such media as webinars, e-learning, social media, and video
    • Evaluates feasibility
    • Initiates development as appropriate with the Director of NPD, staff, and committees/task forces
    • Reviews and appraises the literature to provide the latest evidence to develop content and methods (evidence-based practice).

Products and Publication Development/Management

  • Coordinates updates of existing products and publications as needed setting, communicating, and meeting deadlines.
  • Adheres to ANPD standards of publishing excellence, providing oversight to ensure:
    • Accuracy based on latest evidence
    • Alignment with Nursing Professional Development: Scope and Standards of Practice
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Permissions to use copyrighted materials
  • Serves as liaison for the Products & Services Committee ensuring that activities align with the ANPD strategic plan
  • Uses project management skills in the development, implementation, evaluation, and tracking of action plans to ensure timely delivery of projects

Continuing Education Design and Compliance Management

  • Creates opportunities for offering continuing nursing education contact hours through publications and products
  • Uses knowledge of teaching and learning strategies and curriculum development in the education design process
  • Researches the latest teaching and learning innovations and incorporates them as appropriate in educational programming
  • Serves as a nurse planner for the ANPD Provider Unit and maintains compliance with American Nurses’ Credentialing Center (ANCC) requirements for continuing nursing education (CNE)
  • Tracks the continuing education process setting, communicating, and meeting deadlines

Collaboration and Communication

  • Collaborates and communicates with staff to ensure the accuracy of content in all marketing materials for CNE activities, publications, and other products
  • Provides support and consultation to the Director of NPD on issues related to ANPD’s publications and products
  • Gives and receives feedback appropriately and as needed
  • Reports to Director of NPD on problems and progress in a timely manner
  • Appropriately manages conflict using a collaborative style
  • Works collaboratively with ANPD staff, the Director of NPD and other ANPD Program Coordinators to encourage collegian support and to ensure the realization of publication and product goals

Strategic Thinking and Operations

  • Operationalizes strategic goals of the ANPD Board of Directors
  • Fosters a continuous quality improvement approach to all ANPD projects
  • Forecasts and evaluates financial implications of projects
  • Works with the Director of NPD and the volunteer leadership to develop new opportunities for members to obtain continuing education
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Education: Minimum MSN, doctorate preferred
  • Certified in nursing professional development (NPD)
  • Experience: at least 5 years NPD practice; experienced nurse planner
  • Excellent writing, reviewing, and editing skills using APA format
  • Knowledge of ANCC accredited provider criteria
  • Proficient with Excel, Power Point, Word, and Adobe Reader with ability to track changes
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback related to content of publications and products
  • Knowledge of teaching and learning strategies and educational curriculum development.
  • Ability to research and apply new learning and delivery methods to ANPD’s educational programs.
  • Ability to manage multiple programs and services that deliver measurable results within budget and on deadline. Understanding of costs and methods for ensuring value
  • Articulate 360 experience or experience with other technology-based course development software preferred
  • Knowledge of publishing processes preferred
  • Competency with educational media (e.g. webinars, social media, video, e-learning, multi-media) in order to develop educational media products preferred
  • Knowledge of evidence-based practice preferred
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