Nurses Week 2017- Boston Children's Hospital Snapchat Takeover

Dennis Doherty, MSN, RN-BC is a Professional Development Specialist at Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, MA.

This year the NPD Specialists at Boston Children's Hospital want to do something different to recognize our nursing staff. Over the last year I formed a collaborative relationship with the enterprise's social media team, a part of public affairs (yes this is a real thing), as I consulted with them to develop and implement creative education aimed at clinicians about responsible usage of social media. Through this experience I have trialed incorporating social media into my NPD practice. When I reached out to ask about the possibility of using social media to recognize our nurses during Nurses Week 2017, they came to the table with some new ideas, one of which was using Snapchat, a mobile application, to capture a day in the life of our nursing staff. My first reaction was, "What is Snapchat?" and my second reaction was, "I'm old!" Did I mention I turned the big 40 this year? For the last three months I worked with our social media folks, clinical nurses, and nursing leaders to develop a plan that would give a behind the scenes look at nursing at Boston Children's for a continuous 24 hour period while featuring the focus we as nurses have on patient safety and being high reliable; nurse's caring practices; and some of the kiddos (how could we not). After much planning, consenting, and perseverance the result was our first ever 24 Hour Nursing Snapchat Take Over. Hope you enjoy and Happy Nurses Week.

Click here to view the video on Boston Children's Hospital's YouTube page:

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