6 Megatrends in Future of Healthcare

The World Congress on Continuing Professional Development, held March 17-19, welcomed some of the top influencers in CPD, including ANPD’s very own President Joan Warren and Education Director Mary Harper. This event featured cutting-edge topics held for CME/CPD and IPE professionals from around the globe to “Advance Learning and Care in the Health Professions.” 


While there, Mary and Joan attended a session by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, author of the book “Reinventing American Health Care.” During this presentation, he projected six “megatrends” to look for in the future of healthcare:

  1. The diffusion of VIP care for the chronically and mentally ill.
  2. The emergence of digital medicine and closure of hospitals (fewer hospitalized patients and more care-at-home and non-hospital environments).
  3. The end of insurance companies as we know them.
  4. The end of employer-sponsored health insurance.
  5. The end of healthcare inflation.
  6. The evolution of Academic Health Centers.

Mary points out that he also forecasted learning on the go with learner drive timelines and learner-driven platforms will be trending in the future. 

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